The Un-Made Crown

Conficted Spirit

Days 1-2

Slyph Andersmith
I have tried hard to fit into society since leaving the Temple in Helian, but there is just so much to see…and do. I cannot help but feel like a traveler taking in the sights. And the Taverns? Oh, the the taverns are so full of life and music. I have heard so many tales of adventure and excitement that it makes me long to step out of the city. Maybe one day there will be songs sung of my deeds….though I doubt the Reverend Mother would condone such things. If she heard some of the songs sung….well, even she would blush at some of those tales. But I should not think of such things…

I learned how to play a few games of cards! I do not think I am very good though the nice young man….Alric….was that his name….assured me I was doing well. Though he seems sincere his eyes…and hand…have a way of wandering. I find his company pleasing, yet often have to stop his advances. I have found that many men find the idea of a priestess who has taken her vow to be a challenge. There are even wagers on how many can distract us from the path Ninkali. Why I do not know. It is a noble calling to serve the goddess faithfully. Not many can follow the path to become Sanctified.

I have met so many people who have been very helpful since leaving the Temple. It is good to know there are many kindred spirits here. Especially Arnexus, a charming elf wizard. I have heard of them but have never seen them up close and personal. I had believed they were persons to be feared. Arnexus, however, is nothing like what I expected. When he asked if I might be interested in joining his small band of travelers I did not hesitate to agree to go. And I am glad I did not forI was rejoined by a woman I have not seen in years! Genna Tealeaf! Oh such sweet memories of home! We were quite the pranksters back then. Time has changed us both. There were others in our little band of travelers.

I remember the Cavalier Fellsoul from the Temple. It is so good being around others of the faith. It warms my heart and helps me feel not so alone in having a kindred spirit near yet is also so bittersweet. I long to return to the Temple but know I cannot until my year has passed. Though he is a rough man, he is still a good man at heart. Talking to him of some of his deeds has helped him open up when he longs to shut down. He is obviously a skilled warrior and a great addition to the group. I feel safe with having him around.

Then there is Connor, a shifty, yet quiet man. I do not know much of him. Arnexus has faith in him. I trust his judgement.

Finally, there is a Tiefling named Rohveka, a strange name yet fitting for this woman. There are all sorts of stories and tales of young women and men falling prey to the demonic that filter through the Temple. Many young women come to the Temple to ask for Mother Ninkali’s blessing. I have even participated in blessings of ill-gotten children. While society may shun them, they are always embraced by the light of Ninkali. I can see the pain and suspicion in her eyes. She has faced many trials. My heart goes out to her and prays that the goddess will grant her peace and a gentle heart. Still, I must confess I am a little intimidated by her. It is wrong, I know. I should never be quick to judge another by their looks or heritage. It is a condition of the human spirit, though. I will face my aversion and seek to befriend her. Every journey and chance encounter is a chance to learn and grow.

Arnexus tells us we will be helping a nobleman, a very well known nobleman, Sir William Croftsley, on a secret yet important task. I find it odd that he is not seeking an escort from my sisters instead of strangers. Yet, he is one of the Queen’s most trusted advisers. It is my duty to see to his safety. Still, my spirit is uneasy with this journey.

This journey is ill fated I do believe. Goddess forgive me for thinking such a thing early in, yet already we are plagued with troubles. Sir Croftsley is in danger within the caravan, stalked by an unknown man who has hired one of the caravan men. No doubt the drunken leader does not do his background checks properly. I really wish Sir Croftsley had chosen to go to the Sanctified instead of meeting up with this band. At least the travelers Arnexus has assembled seem to be in the right mind in regards to his safety, whatever their reasonings. Yet, that is not the most troubling of events…

On the first night, Rohveka was attacked in her sleep. I have never been more scared in my life. The piercing scream…it was worse than a mother in labor. There is a darkness that haunts her, possibly from her own bloodline. Yet, things had grown more strange as she awakened. A strange eel burst from the belly of one of the horses and sought to attack her. Thank the goddess Arn was able to swiftly deal with the creature. Rohveka told us it was a creature from Dagon’s realm. No doubt the evil that brought her into this world seeks to claim her. I will not allow her to be taken, though. The goddess was gracious enough to grant me the wisdom to warn her of being tested. It is fate that has brought us together, I know it. I will help her all I can, yet this is a battle she must conquer alone.

Dagon’s minions and the stranger are not the only ones against us. As we drew closer to the Bastion, I had my first taste of death. Goddess forgive me, I have never seen such horrors before… I confess I had grown lax in my watch. It had been so long since I had seen the Bastion…not even Helian compares to her beauty. But the beauty was tarnished by the horrors of gnoll slavers, servants of Yeenoghu. I had to tend to the mother of a woman I had helped bind to a man earlier this year. Of her daughter and husband, there were no sign. All of the young men, women and children were gone….their homes burned to the ground as the weak and sick were left behind. What horrors waited for them at the hands of Yeenoghu’s shaman? I cannot even bear to think of it. Yet, my duty was first and foremost to Sir Croftsley, was it not? Yet those poor, innocent souls…I cannot do nothing. Some of my newfound friends seem willing to just leave them behind and wait until we reach another town to alert others to their demise, yet what if it is too late?

Sir Croftsley seemed to solidify our action by saying we should help them. Goddess bless his heart, yet he is not a young man any longer. I fear for his safety but know we will all do we can to keep him safe. I do not know what we face, but I know Ninkali is with us. I hope only hope we are not too late.



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