The Un-Made Crown

Conflicted Spirit, Part Douze

These Dreams Go On When I Close My Eyes

So much has happened these last few days…first we met with Sasha Addler in the most unusual of prisons. The warden, a pseudo dragon seems very intelligent, but also somewhat distant. I do not think he has the best interests of the kingdom at heart. Still, he has managed to keep the serial killer locked up. I must admit, he was not at all what I had imagined….if I even could imagine. He looked relatively harmless….that is up a point….

I still shudder at the memory of it. He longs to get out. I can feel it. I fear I may have made things worse, but at least we know of a way to possibly cure this plague…but not destroy it. I fear even if I asked, even if he knew, he would not tell me. The price would be far too great. I do not think we can trust him one iota. He wishes for revenge and will stop at nothing to have it. Once upon a time there might have been hope for his redemption. Now? Locked away in this tower? Having had years to seek the perfect woman, his obsession fueling him. He is a sorry soul to say the least, but a dangerous one. The fact that the prisoners and guards so fear him does not make me feel better. Hobkirk has let him out before….

My dreams grow more disturbing each night. I feel…..I feel as if I am changing…It is as if I am becoming another person. My link to Rohveka seems to be growing more and more each day so much so that I brought my fears to Arnexus, wanting…no HOPING there was a way to undo what we have done. His only advice was that we should refrain from using our powers until we could speak with her mentor. Fate will not allow us to rest, though. If Rohveka remains in her true form, she will be hunted down and killed for her bloodline. There is no other option but for her to hide as me. Yet….what do I do? Where is my freedom and escape? The walls close in more and more. My dreams haunt me with images of being hunted, tortured and burned…..or so they were.

Goddess, my dreams are far more disturbing now. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME? Have they come to life? Is no one safe from my curse?



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