The Un-Made Crown

Conflicted Spirit, Part Six

Love As Thou Wilt

Two days have passed since we parted ways with Arn…

Nothing has been heard…I worry about him and fear the worst. I pray to the Goddess that she has kept him safe, yet I feel as if my prayers go unanswered.

I have never lost someone close to me…not that I knew Arn particularly well. Still, he is to be missed.

During these two days, things have not been quiet in the least. Helian has had many strange happenings take place. There has been strange deaths that have occurred within Aldersgate. With it being so near to a watch tower one would think crime would be nigh nonexistent there. So many lives ended…some before they had much time to begin… The servants of the Crone have been busy of late. Shivers as she writes this, thinking of the hag.

Rohveka found out upon returning that her adopted mother was badly injured and not doing well. What her mother revealed to her disturbed her greatly and seemed to tie in the attack to another strange occurrence in the Halfling part of town.

Genna discovered that a man she knew passed from this life into the next. It was no surprise that Grandma Liddie asked to see her about the arrangements. I think all of us knew it might be hard on her and went along. Still, it is strange that Rohveka’s mother would send her to Grandma Liddie…or so I thought until I got there. It seems there’s much more to this halfling matriarch than meets the eye.

We learned that Genna had some strange ability locked away for her safety, but now time has come for her to be free and use it to fight this witch named Esmerelda Black. The woman sounds power hungry and extremely dangerous. It was she who had attacked Rohveka’s mother while looking for something called a Skin Plate Codex. While people were told that the Bolger’s death was due to illness, it really was an attack by this woman. With Genna’s new ability awakened and the sigil on Rohveka’s back, she will be coming for them next. We will not give her the chance, though.

While all of this seems oddly tied in, there were some other happenings that were just as dangerous. Since returning to the city we discovered that the slavers cleared out the warehouse they had been using. We’re hoping there might be some trace left behind in their hurry to leave.

Connor has been acting weirdly since we met in the tavern. He believes someone is after him, a bounty hunter wanting to cash in his head. Before he came to us, he had run into some big trouble. Some of his fellow soldiers were killed. Whomever did it made sure to make it look like he was the one who did it. Instead of fighting the accusations and going to his superiors, he deserted. Why must he always run? I do not understand. If he had just stayed….but that is no longer an option. Hopefully we can find out who indeed was responsible and bring them to justice. Yet, we have more pressing matters…even though he is the prince…I still struggle with that idea.

Arnexus learned that his daughter had come to Helian as well, but he did not seem happy to hear this news. I don’t know the story behind that relationship, but you would think someone would be happy to be reunited with family.

Which brings things back to my own family. Before I could catch up with my own family, I heard news from the gazette about my sister’s betrothal. Lathina…getting married! She was not even seeing anyone. It is not even proper to be getting married in such a short period of time, unless there are reasons to hurry the process along. I sincerely hope she has not become in a motherly way before marriage. Just think of the family name and reputation! But I will not borrow trouble until I know more. I just hope it is a match of love and not out of necessity.

Sir William gave us some good advice concerning reputable houses where we could hire some help until Arn can join us again….if he can join us again. We found a man who has some strong morals but seems a little rough around the edges. He comes highly recommended and seems okay. He will never be another Arn though. sigh Once we had paid his dues, we made our way to the registry to sign up as an official adventuring company. We chose the name “The Company of the Blue Dragon” in honor of the dragon who seems to be guiding us even in his death.

I do not know how things will go tonight. We will be attending the memorial for Genna’s friend and then seeking out this Esmerelda. May the Goddess light our path and strengthen our resolve to face whatever may come our way.



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