The Un-Made Crown

I hate writing journals

But Dragons!

I am not one for keeping a journal, but today I saw a wonder I never thought to see- a dragon! A big blue dragon! It even talked to us. Well it talked to me when I bowed to its big eye. I think it said it liked my sling staff. I was kind of stunned and amazed by the whole experience of encountering a dragon, to tell you the truth, so it could have said it wanted to eat me… But I think it said it liked my staff.

The group are pretty handy to have around, even if none of them seem to have any street sense at all between them. Everyone knows that you always check for traps on doors and other objects when in a strange place. Owners always protect their possessions. The only one that showed any sense was Connor. I am keeping my eye on him, as he may yet be of use to one of the guilds when we get back. If he gets back.

That reflecting pool was a strange deal. I did not look into it, as there was something about that super shiney surface that gave me the chills. But everyone else did look, and they all seem to have had visions of some sort, of their future. I am curious as to what I might have seen if I had looked, but then again, Rohe ended up with blood red feathered wings after looking, and I don’t think I need that. So I can live without knowing what my future may hold.

That was one curious tattoo on her back too. Some of the others said it was something kind of important and rare, so I figured that was something best covered up. I used some of my disguise tricks to trick they eye away from the true design. It should hold up for a while, but I will check it often and do touch ups as needed. Glad I brought that kit along.

The skeleton in the last room was not nearly as scary as one might expect a long dead talking skeleton would be. He seemed a decent sort, although hard to tell when someone is just bones. Still he gave each of us gifts. I got a nifty new sling for my staff. Pretty blue. I have a feeling its going to come in handy…



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