The Un-Made Crown

I hate writing journals, pt 2

So, after getting out of the temple, turns out the captive shaman was not idle. Or even a gnoll. And may be some sort of hag that changes her appearance by donning others skins. Which is just really ewwww. Connor got a short sword from the dead skeleton guy, and when he poked the “dead” shaman who was not a gnoll, it glowed a strange purple that only he could see. But when it came time to see if the hag/shaman had donned a new skin, our guess being the mother who supposedly beat her to death, I suggested Connor take the sword near the mother and see if it glowed. Which it did. So. We watch mom and see what she does. Its a pretty convincing disguise though, as the boys are fooled, as are most of the other captives the woman interacts with. We got the hag info from the other captive, in exchange for letting it go. I don’t think everyone was on the page of letting the creature go, but since he did talk, a bargain is a bargain, so I was the one who set him free. Hopefully he does not go on to kill more people, but I keep my word.

Upon leading the former captives back to the road, we found the remains of our lead caravan, and most of its guards slain. The caravan master was left headless. The other wagons no where to be seen. Of course, the shady member of our convoy was no where to be seen among the dead, so no mystery on what happened. Connor was able to track the wagons, and they were taken on to the town we were headed to. And most interestingly, our companion William and the caravan master had entered the town and were having breakfast at the temple! Quite the feat when WIlliam was walking with us and the caravan master was without a head and very much dead. As we were about to enter the town, who should be exiting the gate but the very two interesting characters just mentioned. The one posing as William had a scroll on him. One that could not be left in such evil hands as whoever was masquerading as William.

Naturally, its our cleric who draws the attention and things turn nasty. Not wanting anything to happen to that scroll, or for the faux-William to somehow escape with it, I used all my skills to get in close and steal it from the brigand and get the hell out of there. The years of training paid off and I was able to grab it from him and tumble out of his range. The fight was otherwise pretty intense from what I saw, but while I could have added my bullets to the fray, I could not really get a clear shot from my hiding spot, and did not want to hit any of our party. Plus, I just wanted to keep the scroll safe. I am good at hiding, and getting into and out of places without detection, and even at running along rooftops and scooting up pipes and posts. I am pretty good with my sling staff but the big folk can do most of the up close fighting, while I will do what I can to assist from a safe location.

The faux-William was wearing some sort of cloak that enabled him to assume William’s form. Once we had him down, we found an assortment of interesting items on him. I can’t wait to get them all identified in town, and more importantly, have a bath.


Naturally? I’m somewhat laughing and disturbed by that assessment. :P

I hate writing journals, pt 2

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