The Un-Made Crown

I hate writing journals, pt 3

So. More interesting times. I am not sure whether the group will manage to hold things together, but I’ll get to that. We saw the Priestess, and learned many interesting things. Like she knew that the faux-William and friend were false, so she gave them a different scroll. She said I could keep it, but that she doubted I could read it. Stlll, I’ll give it a go. You never know. I did manage to read some of that spellbook. There was more about us being part of some prophesy from ages ago. Which is kind of cool, if not a little bit disconcerting too. Not sure if I believe in that sort of thing, but makes for a good tale. Anyways. She gave us the scroll destined for us, and its in some fancy case that will only open when its needed to at some point down the road. Wonder how that works! I guess we will find out later. Or maybe I can sneak a look at it at some point.

I have to admit that the Bastion of Whispers was too much of a temptation for me, and after hearing about the listeners and the speaker, I decided to go have a little looksee. I made sure that anyone looking at me saw just a small human girl, and I was able to wander quite freely, as there were many children playing there. Many people I passed were talking about the rescued villagers and what to do with them, but sadly I did not hear much else of interest. After skipping about the corridors for a while, I stumbled upon a hidden doorway, and could not resist investigating. Passing by some guards, I came to a really secure door, extremely high class. I could hear whispering from behind it, so I put my ear to it and listened. I heard a female voice ask me to release her! I asked from what, and she indicated that she was being held by the priestesses! That sounded off to me, as the priestesses in the temple seemed nice, so I asked if she was a bad person. I kept up acting like a child. The voice on the other side insisted it was the priestesses that were bad, and she sounded sincere, but before I could express my reluctance to help, given that as a child there was not much I could do with the door, I heard someone coming. I tried to hide, but it turned out to be Connor. His skills are impressing me, as he was able to see me without much issue. He asked what I was about, and I gave him the short version. He got kind of panicky and suggested we leave without further ado. I think he thought I might release whatever was behind the door. As if. Something was off about that whole conversation, and one thing I know is how to listen to my own danger sense. So we left without saying anything, and the thing behind the door revealed itself by uttering in a language that sounded similar to what gnolls make, and then cursing us as it thrashed about in its chains. After we had gone a safe ways away, Connor filled me in on things and that that was likely the Speaker that I had found. Wow. Another great tale! I wonder how many even know that its there, deep under the temple, caged and pissed off? I bet the priestesses take great care to keep that detail hidden, and to keep the thing secured.

Once I rejoined the others, we went to visit with the hag-mother, Sarah. She wanted to strike a deal with us. She told us that we had majorly pissed off the Gnoll god and it was sending a champion after us, and that she was not exactly in its good books either and was likely also a target. Unless we kept her safe, she threatened to kill the boys, and would make us take her down in front of the other rescued folks if we attacked her, where her corpse would not reveal its true nature for long enough that it would seem we had struck down a helpless mother. We countered with her having to help us in the fight against the champion and forces being sent to ambush us. She agreed, but we had to take the boys with us, as insurance. And in the negotiation, she somehow managed to convince Rohe to give her one of her feathers. That seemed foolish, but I guess it was Rohe’s decision to make. Arnexus was vocal in his disagreement about it too. He seems to think the feather could be used against Rohe. I hope he is wrong.

We left town, and made for where the hag told us. It was a trail with rock walls along it. At a curve, we found a bluff a bit up the wall that had a plateau where we could attack from range. After initallly falling on my butt when I tried to climb up, I was then sufficiently motivated to succeed on my next try, and then I threw down a rope for others to climb. Not everyone came up, Connor preferring a tree, and Arn wanting to remain with his horse. Then we waited.

We did not have to wait long. A big creature and about a dozen gnolls came up the trail behind us. Slyph threw down some caltrops before they got to us, and when the creatures were in range, we attacked. Arn charged the large one, clearly some sort of magical beast, but barely made a dent. The rest of us let loose spells, bullets, and bolts. It was a tough fight, but we kept on that beast, figuring that it was the leader, and that if we downed it, the gnolls might break for it. We were wrong as it happened, but we still managed to prevail. I really loved when Arnexus dropped a rock on one of the gnoll buggers as it was climbing to get us. Knocked it right off the rocks it was clinging to, and it died as it landed.

The few remaining gnolls scattered, and we were left with the hag. Connor turned on her, despite most of the others trying to stop him, but he was not able to hit her, and she brushed off his attempts with laughter. None of us wanted to let her go, but having seen her fight along side us, well, none of us thought we could take her down either. She finally scampered away, and we were left to ourselves. Connor, Arnexus and Rohe started bickering again. Which is why I wonder if we will be able to hold it together in order to fulfill whatever we are supposed to do. I am not much of a diplomat, but it might be worth stepping in if things get heated down the road. But only if it gets bad, and I have a safe retreat available.



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