The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus

An agent of the human Queen, William Croftsly has approached me with a matter of discretion and one would assume, import. I had to put together a competent group for what would likely be at least a month away from the city toward the Jaegar Hills. While the task itself seems rather insulting for someone of my station, it is a chance to make contact with others within the human court and those in the know apparently realize that William is the Queen’s “go to man”. I also think there is more going on here than meets the eye, so the chance at some political intrigue is exciting. I am curious as to what manner of man this William is. One can tell a lot about a person by those that serve them. He will provide insight into the nature of the Queen.

I quickly sent quiet word to those I knew who might be interested and ended up with quite the intriguing grouping.

Arn a Cavalier who enjoys spending time in taverns was an obvious choice. He seems competent in combat, especially of the mounted sort. Though he could stand to loosen up a great deal, I think he may prove useful to have around. I may also find him rising within the ranks of his order, which would prove a useful contact later. He does seem to believe that mundane martial prowess is superior to other tools. If he is not stubborn, I am still not final on my judgement on this matter, he will come to see a tool is only as useful as the hand that wields it.

Rohveka, is a young tiefling woman that I have met a few times in the past. I sought her out upon hearing of her unusual heritage once when I was newly arrived in the human lands. She also practices patron magics, called witchcraft, which is of interest to my studies in the arcane. She seems to be haunted by her heritage. Our priestess seems to think she is being tested. Her midnight haunting caused her to attempt to strangle herself and somehow summoned an abyssal eel like creature that arrived within the stomach of one of the caravan horses. It burst out and attempted to get to Rohveka, but was skewered upon Arn’s blade. I shall have to keep an eye upon her.

Genna Tealeaf is a halfling woman that is very wise in matters of the streets. She also has quite a few contacts and is a provider of information. She seemed a very likely member to provide, one, other members, but also to serve in more discrete ways. From what I have witnessed so far, she is motivated by gold, but also seems to seek to aid people, which is a rare combination and worthy to keep about.

Through Genna came Connor, who has proven quite adept at scouting both within and out of urban environments. It was he that found the man who was trailing us, though we do not yet know this being’s identity, even when the man attempted to hide his trail. Yet another useful addition to the group. I don’t know much about his past, or how he came to know Genna, but there is time yet to figure such out. He also rooted out the spy within our caravan.

Finally we have a priestess? Slyph. She has access to divine powers, so I must assume she is a priestess. She does not seem to have gotten out into the world much in her life as of yet. Things, such as the drunkeness of our caravan master, bother her. I do not believe she understands the will or motivations of the common people. Yet, she does strive to help where she may and takes to her duties with loyalty and vigor. She was the first to the wounded people we found remaining after the gnoll slaver “attack”.

All in all, it is a well rounded group that should provide useful as contacts and allies in the future. We break off from the caravan to pursue the gnolls, who seem to be led by a shaman albino gnoll. Why they seek slaves instead of food amongst the humans remains to be seen and is of interest. I am happy that William seeks to help these people instead of doggedly going after his original mission. I just hope that his age do not hinder us in our mission. It would also not do to allow harm to come to him.

Who is this man that follows William? He has a magical cloak, quite a rare item, and is obviously working for some noble house or another. Could it be within the Queen’s lands or those of one of her son’s? He is not afraid to do violence and utter death threats, so he is one to be wary of, but more-so whichever house hired him.

Is the Midnight Court involved in this? So far I see no evidence, and other races have intrigue enough on their own for me to go chasing at non-existant shadows, but I will remain alert for signs.



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