The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 11

We had to decide what to do with our captive horror. The choices seemed to be Granny Liddie or William. I honestly wasn’t sure what was the wiser course of action. A large collumn of smoke rose up from the halfling sector of town. Though this seemed to indicate that we should take Amara to William it also meant bad things for the halflings. Slyph wanted to aid the halflings and I felt empathy for her desires, but I knew the halflings knew how to defend themselves from fire.

As we traveled along we discovered strange planar beings from the Gray Wastes had invaded the halfling section of town. Winged beings raining soot from their bodies had attacked the city. One in particular was destroyed by a single human lightning bolt. I had not known there was a practitioner within the city powerful enough to release such magic.

We had a difficult choice to make when we discovered the gates to the noble quarter were barred. We would lose the intelligence that Amara could give us regardless of what we decided. It fell to us as our first official act as the Company of the Blue Dragon whether we would inact justice upon Amara and put her to death for her crimes. I felt for those pushing to let her live but I felt that this being was evil. Rennik carried out his duty well, and as it turns out she was a construct, not a living being. It made my conscience feel better in the end, hard as the decision was.

We had to travel to help the halflings, and the city. I wanted to use Rohveka’s status as a planar nexus to shut down the invasion. Between Slyph and Rohveka we were able to come up with an idea to shut down the bridge between the attacking plane and our own. We would need four casters, however.

The chaos that greeted us upon getting to Liddie’s home was rather impressive. Grizzy and her forces as well as the forces of good were already in battle upon her arrival. We needed a fourth caster, so battle was joined…

Honestly the purpose of this document isn’t to talk about tactics and fighting, as those things are uncouth to the extreme. Our group performed well, however. Much better than our allies. Perhaps luck was not on their side, but I feel like they could have performed better. Those watching likely saw the effectiveness of our Company. I believe it will help in the future as we make a name for ourselves.

We approached a priestess of Aethon to aid us in performing the ritual. It was to be a dangerous undertaking, one that could result in death. I saw no other choice with the limited time but to perform the ritual. I will have to come up with something more efficient than a religious ritual if I am given the chance. Such a ritual should not pose a threat to those performing it as long as their concentration is not disrupted. The ritual smashed us with planar energies, sapping both body and will. I am not ashamed to admit that it knocked my unconscious. It shouldn’t be difficult to improve upon the ritual…

We were able to separate the planes while the others aided the wounded Granny Liddie. We made our way to the Old Quarter, which was tought at the time to be safe. We were all put to work in the temple aiding the wounded within the city. I was more than happy to help as were most of the rest of the group, I believe.



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