The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 12

These dreams create more questions than answers. My head is filled with arcane knowledge I had previously not possessed. What is the purpose of these fox beings in sharing this knowledge? I am assuming they are foes of our Enemy, but this assumption could prove dangerous. I shall, without a doubt, be very mindful of using and studying this magic. My studies will also pull out other possibilities.

The past two days have reaffirmed that humans may have some potential after all. I think it’s an individual’s ideals that make them community centered over self centered. I know there are those that will likely take advantage of the devastation wrought by the planar beings but as a whole the humans have rallied to help those in need. This is good.

We decided to set off and talk to William Croftsly about the events that had transpired with Amara Narren. I had, had the idea of perhaps given Amara’s criminal/monstrous personality that perhaps we could be granted the estate as a base of operations. Instead we recieved a summons from Amara Narren.

We were noticeably wary as we were ushered into the arboretum once again. Eventually Genna revealed that she was disguised as Amara and that the servant Malcom had a goal for us in mind. Despite my mischevious nature, given the extreme paranoia we all have been feeling lately left me ill in the mood for pranks of this nature. I found the “joke” to be in bade taste.

Apparently we need to destroy Amara’s laboratory in order to prevent the true Amara from coming back. There was also a plague within the laboratory that required destruction. We decided to investigate the lab. Within the lab we found equipment suited to a madman, or woman. Within was another monstrous creation, some sort of golem bird familiar creature. We were able to destroy the strange creature. There was a body within a cabinet that would have taken the bird and allowed it to control the contrust. Quite disturbing.

We were able to find a way of removing the lab’s ability to disperse the virus, but we weren’t really able to determine how to destroy the virus itself. We are going to have to safeguard this incredibly virulent creation until we can determine how to destroy it.

Within the next room are Amara’s study. There were many books within the room that should not have been written. Others I believe may be useful in my magical research. I’ve made a note on the side of the tomes that look the most promising. If I get the chance I shall investigate further.

While investigating the room Connor was attacked by an assassin through the window. We were then set upon by three hellhounds. Connor was changed when the attack occured. His posture was more authoritative and strong, his attacks harmed the hounds greatly. The rest of the group performed admirably as well. I was worried about collateral damage with the attacks but we neutralized the threat quickly.

The lantern archon I summoned for the fight said something over Connor while he fell to his knees after the fight:

“He is risen, he is born anew. The Shining Knight has been found”

Interesting. I do feel that we shall have to guide Connor toward leadership, though I know he doesn’t desire it. I have found those worthy of power but not desiring it are best to lead. I feel his empathy would suite him well as king. We shall see.

We made our way into the vault and found quite a few items of magic. It looks like we have our work cut out for us on all the various tasks arrayed out before us…



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