The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 15

Those that wished to go were preparing to visit the Chessine Exhibit at the Blakemore Museum. While awaiting the appointed time to go, Rohveka recieved a “gift”. Sara Connor’s head was sent to her with a message. “Noone shall take your form again.” It was signed with a stylized A. We eventually compared the A with the notes of Sasha Addler and found that they matched. The weapon is a rare weapon called a war razor, and Rennik showed us that it was made of glass. A very sharp glass-steel weapon.

Slyph said that she wished to go by the name Kephri Andersmith. Apparently it’s the name of one who was part of the Buspar bloodline (one of Rohveka’s ancestors). I know I’ve heard the name Kephri somewhere, but I cannot quite place it at the moment. I’ll have to investige the name.

We arrived fashionably late, but were subjected to a line. I won’t go on dramatically about waiting in line, but let’s just say that elven events don’t “perform” in the same manner. We all just arrive exactly as is necessary.

The warding magics of the display cases prevented me from truly getting a good guage upon the magics of the items themselves. This is truly frustrating in all honesty. While the exhibit is of mild interest, it’s mostly for show. True academia would require me to closely examine the items. Obviously I realize this was mostly an event to show off, and push socializing among human society’s elite.

I decided to study the wards as I couldn’t truly study much else. They were of elven and dwarven make, which is quite interesting. Dwarves are known to hire themselves out while elves, however, are not.

Voices then began to emanate from everything surrounding us “Danger is coming.” “Danger is here.” Suddenly we find Connor and Rohveka in our presence, who had previously been absent; interesting…

It’s truly hard to say what happened next. The “brainless” woman accompanying her “love” reliving his older days ripped his heard out. A hound archon becomes a corrupted something or other. Bearded devils I believe. The woman that killed the noble becomes a burly male being after adressing the dragon skull. Apparenltly “it” had been a male previously.

One of the figures that I noticed, a stoic being, charged in, on our side. It was unusual. Apparently the female ripping the old noble’s heard out was Baron Carza, the one that killed King Stephan. The stoic being is a “guardian of the stoic hall”. The hand used to rip out hearts was the hand of Vulche. A deathknight… Obviously this is alarming given the murals we saw of our group facing off against death knights. The skull is the pentarch? A being that knows all magic. Rohveka walked toward it and obviously touched it. What else could she do?

Rovheka approached the skull, wishing to go back to her previous form. Studying the magic that transpired I realized that there are five skulls that make up the pentarch. This one should not be held in the improper hands. As Rohveka touches the skull, her true, previous, form was returned to her as the tiefling’s wings returned to her. Her black wings changed from black to gold. They were both scaley and feathered. Most strange. In the end, Rohveka is returned to her true form. Six horns sprouted from her head, draconic instead of demonic. Her tail became more draconic. Her rings grew to….a more true size perspective wise.

We took the “paladin” to the temple of Aethon. I imagine their justice will be harsher than our own.

Rohveka, having returned to her “true” form, attempted to help Slyph return to normal, and attain that which was due to her through her own efforts.



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