The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 16

So it seems Lady Veradyne is making a major mistake, per normal. Helion Academy is making a push to train mages at an accelerated rate, in the hopes of building up their martial prowess. Given the nature of human magic and its wrongness this could cause a great amount of trouble. Sasha Addler claimed that she had stolen some of his secrets and used those to gain power. I’m going to be keeping an eye on her, as the circumstances of her ascension seem suspicious. She is going to attempt a conjuring, which worries me greatly. Binding beings of power is never a good way to achieve such.

In the last week we were able to sell off the last of the treasure that was not claimed, which resulted in a nice share for each of us.

During the week Rohveka enlisted help of our group to investigate the Company of the Shining Beacon with the intent of impersonating Candice Mordane. I’m wondering if it might be wiser to just approach them diplomatically rather than cladestinely. I suppose it’s not altogether likely they’d be open and willing to share everything, however. It is known that they prefer to keep things close to their chest.

Kephri disguised herself as Slyph (her old self) and attended the trial of Falcovere the fallen paladin from our last week’s encounter.

Rohveka was successful. She was able to find that there was a veritable trove of Chessine artifacts. There was a blooded trapped in a large piece of amber, an amulet and two sword-staves. Now we just need to figure out how to study the items and perhaps procure them.

I wrote a diplomatic message to the Company of the Beacon to try and get access to their Chessine artifacts. Luckily they allowed me to visit. They only have a fraction of the items that were present in the vault, but I did not expect them to allow me full access; at least not right away. I hope to earn their trust so that I can gain full access to their knowledge.

They had the amber gem in the items that I was allowed to see. It contains a blooded being for sure. There are runes used as a disguise or red herring to prevent others from tampering and freeing the being. I am very much sure that the being within is evil. I used a spell to detect blooded magic to determine that it is a Buspar bloodline trapped within. A sigil of Kephri is what is keeping the being trapped…quite interesting. I shall have to ask Kephri what it was that caused to her to chose the name she did. The sigil itself is older than the primal sigils of the world. QUITE intriguing.

The other items were interesting enough, though shadowed by the power of the trapped creature. Shield generators and magical batteries.

I came to the realization that the being within the amber is awake. I warned the Beaconites but it came to late as their wards did not come fast enough. Connor struck the amber with his sword. A succubus creature began to come out of the amber, but was phased in and out of our plane and time. Suddenly the rest of our group appeared…courtesy of what? The being was Vemerous, the first succubus.

There were two versions of both Connor and Rennik, changed versions. Suddenly a blast changed everything. We found ourselves…elsewhere. We were outside of time. Connor had pierced the heart of Vemerous and fallen unconcious, no doubt overwhelmed by the sudden infusion of power. We were in the holding queue for creation. Great…

Some in our group wished to track down various dragon gods. I’m somewhat wary of such options as we do not know how they would react. I voted that we move in the direction of water. Rennik found game, which is odd for this place but who am I to question something that could keep us fed.



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