The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 18

The ritual to send us home will take at least 3 months to put together. I’ve offered whatever aid I might give to help Guyris in the endeavor. Given that she will be devoting a significant effort in aiding us and neglecting some of her duties then we’ll be serving as her lieutenants. We’ve been given a certain amount of power in this, but I fear to abuse such.

The arcanists within the city are most forthcoming in their knowledge and library. The power within the earth here would allow feats of magic unheard of on our world. Though I have found that such sources of magic exist upon our own worth. Ley lines are the key, perhaps. I shall have to look for them on our own world. Perhaps a lack of ley lines to smooth the power of the planet are part of the issue.

We had to wait a week to gain access to the Citadel, but eventually we traveled by waystone. I made use of the intervening time well in the various libraries of citadel graduates within the city. The Citadel is impressive, though far to the north. Apparently wizards are treated with an almost excessive respect. My companions are treated as servants, which I find somewhat upsetting. The “taxis” that take one from place to place are rather intriguing, and also somewhat exciting in their speed.

In order to gain entrance to the citadel I had to pass a test. There was a mirror, a sphere, a dagger, length of wood. Their magic was identical. I decided to pick the wood. Though I’m not sure I did a very good job I was able to channel the energy within the wood.

The library of the Citadel is a treasure trove of knowledge. I did find something odd during my studies. There are some strange studies that are taking place within the curriculum. There are classes that should be useless. I spoke to the page, who spoke of something called Voiders. They enter these fake planes to do battle with these voiders. The students are able to tap planar energy to attack the Voiders. I shall look into the matter as it might have some bearing on my conjuration magic.



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