The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 21

We sent Genna into the city to find out what had happened. After some typical trials and tribulations we found out what had generally happened in the city. There was a poison attempt on the Queen’s life. Some others were caught as well. William Croftsly was slain as well as the elven diplomat. My Aunt Saylina made me the new head diplomat. I’ve decided to make the other members of the Company of the Blue Dragon my personal retinue until such a time as they act against the best interests of the elven kingdom. We’ll need to find a new champion amongst the humans. I have been given twelve royal guards to aid in tasks. My Aunt also mentioned that the assassination

Candice Mordaine somehow has become the champion of the Queen. It seems it is her forces that prevent the armies of Brython and Draython from beseiging the city in force. We shall have to approach her and hope she doesn’t hold a grudge against her destroyed tower. I hope her other allies are still alive.

Rohveka went off to visit her mother while Genna went to find Granny Liddie. Rohveka sent a message to Connor saying that she was being persued by her sister, which of course we had no idea existed until now. We attempted to shoot the creature as she chased our tiefling companion to our compound. Connor and the royal guards’ arrows did nothing to the creature, another spawn of Valeria. This sister was behind the attempt on the Queen’s life and the chaos that has followed.

The next day we made our journey to the Royal Court to see both Granny Liddie and Candice Mordaine. Liddie affirmed the demonic origin of the attack. Candice’s report said that the attack was perpetrated by demons. Apparently Lady Mordaine is pushing for the Queen to make a decision on the heir to the throne. Granny Liddie aided us in being brought before the Queen so that I could present myself.

Before being taken to see the Queen I boosted my sight with magic to see if I could detect anything odd. Many of us were sure that perhaps the Queen had not truly lived through the attack. When I studied the Queen I could see shadowy tendrals that were attempted to be hidden. The Queen also wished to move us into the castle’s diplomatic quarters. I begged off for a time, saying we needed to see to very important matters. I also noticed that Candice radiated necromantic magic.

As we left we decided we needed to find a safe place to talk. Rohveka said that her sister Irina was within her head. I tried to see if I could help Rohveka but apparently she has the ability to ward herself from evil. After our conference we learned a few things. The Queen is dead and in control of Valeria. Candice Mordaine is also dead. Granny Liddie is keeping the Queen’s body animated.

Our options are extremely limited. Some wanted to out Valeria and name Connor heir. Slyph/Kephri wishes to kill the animated Candice. Personally I’m not really sure either option is good. Rennik told us of rumors of a third heir. A pureblooded daughter. That may be our best option. Rennik also knew of an old mercenary that might have information.

So at the end of this day I’m the diplomat to a demon queen who wants to bring us into the shadow of her demonic wings…



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