The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 3

After seeing to the welfare of the villagers and William our group decided to travel into the door. Genna, with the aid of Connor, was able to open the door. It led to another electrum door. The door held a mural our party combatting a death knight. I must do more research on the matter of death knights.

The children obviously came this way. I find it curious and ominous that the door was trapped. This whole matter could be a trap of sorts, or a test of our abilities. Beyond the door is a room with two statues of each of us; intricate in detail. In the center is a pool of silvered water. Some of the statues appeared serene while some smirked. The air of the chamber is filled with fairy dust. The smirking statues held traps that pushed the triggerer into the water.

I was surrounded by the sounds of a battle that raged about me. I wore an amulet around my neck that provided power to my spells that were smiting undead about me. There was a tall spired lighthouse in the background.

Rohveka was gifted with a similar vision, but her vestigal wings sprouted red feathers, and upon her back was etched the Symbol of Ascalon! Such a sight to behold and one that I have endeavored to sear into my memory. Such a symbol could prove quite beneficial to my people! I shall have to ask Rohveka to allow me to study it in the future. This symbol should, hopefully, shield our tiefling companion from her planar enemies.

Sounds of battle, lightning and combat echoed from the next room and we rushed to investigate. As it turns out the two children found lightning swords with their names upon them and were playing at battle. Within the room were more statues, and a tapestry of our party. It is very curious how all of the statues and murals depict our group. As we ventured further into the room two of the statues of Slyph moved toward us and attacked while something within the sarcophagus stirred.

We fought against the statues and from within the pools a blue dragon reached out and smote the statues. After which, the being within the sarcophagus spoke asking to be released. The being did not remember his name, but was a tiny human skeleton claiming to be the dragon that aided us. He spoke of a female nemesis that suppressed the magic within the pools and worked against the being. He gifted us with items that we had seen within the visions the pools bestowed upon us.

He handed Rohveka an amulet with an eye, a holy mace to Slyph, a blue sling to Genna, an electrum sword to Connor, a shield to Arn and a blood glyph amulet to myself. He said we should use these items to fix the world. I mentioned the way humans use magic and he confirmed my worries in regard its wrongness. He mentioned that Connor’s father and Rohveka’s mother in particular were of importance. Together we have to fix the world. A tall order indeed.

The being and this woman come from this place and are ancient. This She has corrupted the world. He told us “When we read the scroll, react quickly because they will know.” There are others that know more and that a lot of work has been going on to get the world to what it is. Quite clearly they are working toward some goal.
Now we must aid the poor villagers in getting home.

To Do:
-Human magic
-Previous civilizations (who was this being that said he became a dragon)
-Where/what is this lighthouse
-Symbol of Ascalon



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