The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 4

While one would think returning to the world would prove a relief, we came back to something rather disturbing. The gnoll “priestess” had been slain, however, not all was as it seems. The skull was wrong, and not that of a gnoll. We questioned the other imprisoned gnoll and discovered that the mother of our two rescued children did indeed slay whatever wore the shaman’s skin, but another creature had shed the skin. The creature could only be a bog hag from my estimation.

The bog hag has almost certainly stolen the skin of the mother. Connor’s sword, which we cannot see glow, glows brightly to his eyes in her presence. Her intentions don’t seem sincere. At the moment we don’t really know what this glow means, but it very likely does support this in my estimation.

We decided to keep watch upon the “woman”. I feared we would not be able to take on this strange creature. We rested the evening keeping our eyes open.

The next morning we spoke with the villagers and decided to make our way to the Bastion. It solved the quandry of whether we split up while the villagers returned home.

While travelling back toward the road leading toward Bastion we came upon the remains of the caravan, all the members of our caravan slain. They took the remaining wagons and travelled toward the Bastion. William believes that they are after the Scroll. This Scroll is only meant to be read by the Queen and prophesies the events of the upcoming year.

When we approached the Bastion and started laying plans for how we would proceed the fake William and caravan master, who was in truth dead, walked out of the gate. As we accosted them, Sylph began to cast, which antagonized Aneal. At least that’s the name that was called out. A fight broke out and my spray of color spell knocked out the man we believed to be the drover. Aneal was likely the contact from our previous encounter in town. We started off trying to take Aneal alive but he proved to be too dangerous, and we ended up slaying him. Connor’s blade work is most impressive, as a note. We tied up the caravan spy.



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