The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 7

Our first task this day was to investigate the murdered Bolger’s shop. His shop was magically warded against intrusion which is interesting if he were only the proprietor of a tea shop, but obviously based on our information from Liddie he was more than what he outwardly seemed. Oddly, within the shop magical energy not of this plane was leaking into the shop. It was energy from the plane of shadow. Genna seemed entranced by something, I suspect it was the rift and when she went into the corner she disappeared. It seems that Genna was able to enter the plane of shadows and found some packages.

One of the packages was for Lord Sherrad Telfore, a mover and shaker of the city. While it is not odd that a noble might want to move something into the city unseen the timing could make him a suspect. Within the package was ground rhino horn. I began to wonder if we found someone’s libido treatment or useful for someone with a weak constitution. Given the Lord is an albino it seems likely he’s using it for a poor constitution. There were many other packages within the shadow. It seems the halflings are using this tear into the plane of shadow in order to smuggle packages; quite clever. Genna was able to bring Rohveka through the rift to go put the package back.

There was ledger within the rift and one of the packages was missing. Something very valuable called a frost egg was missing.

As we discussed the matter there was a knock at the door. Esmerelda Black looking rather bored was the source. Apparently Esmerelda Black was her niece, something she’d failed to mention. I suppose in her defence she claimed she had just found out, but it would be rather more effective if information was more readily shared. It seems the gift “shadowwalking” runs in Genna’s family, like Bolger’s. Esmerelda claimed she had nothing to do with Bolger’s death nor the attack on Rohveka’s mother. The curse around her seemed to be intact. Then she postured about the power of halflings, quite inanenly. She claimed that the likely attackers were related to the slavers we foiled in the hills.

We decided that we needed to go visit Rohveka’s mother and Liddie. The nun would not let us in to visit her. We managed to get Slyph in to look but apparently what she saw was an illusion. This was discovered after a disguised Genna entered the room to give her the tea that Granny Liddie had given us. Rohveka and Connor wanted to enter and confront the nuns, while Genna and Slyph didn’t seem to think it was a good idea. Personally, I didn’t think all the nuns were complicit in this. I doubt they were able to counter whatever powers the forces arrayed against us were using. It seemed the best course to “attack” quickly and catch them flat footed. It was the best course to determine what was going on.

As it turns out we were right. It seemed that Roheveka’s mother was there, but something was off. Calling such out, a grey hag attacked. She was fixated on hurting Rohveka. The hag was rather resistant to our spells making subduing her rather difficult. Connor was able to grapple it in an impressive feat of skill given she had recently ripped out of a web bolt cast by Rohveka. We managed to knock the creature out and tie it up like a worm. Unfortunately the three nuns in the reception were slain and the building was set on fire. We managed to rescue those wounded within the building. It seems that whoever set the fire made themselves look like Connor. I did my best to clear up this misconception.

The Templar showed up shortly and we explained the situation to them and agreed to a compromise about questioning the hag. We brought in Liddie to aid with the matter while the hag was within the cell. The hag said that Rohveka’s mother was taken so that they could tell a story that Liddie needed to hear. She said that hags run all slavery within the world and that they made a deal to do so. She gave us half truths and attempted to anger members of our party. She admitted that the warehouse William looked at used to be their headquarters.
The hag answered the new location with a question “Where do fey oaks grow when not in an elven forest.” Rohveka knew the most about the matter which was apparently in the Nemi Grove. Apparently there are temple precincts underneath this location which is likely where the slaves have been taken.
The hag claimed she had nothing to do with the frost egg being taken and that she’d want nothing to do with it.
It seems the hags want Esmerelda Black dead, claiming she is dangerous and powerful. The hag said Esmerelda knew things that her kinds shouldn’t. The hag claimed that if we knew what Esmerelda looked for that we’d gladly accept more hags. She wants to awaken something dead. I believe the “attack” on Rohveka’s mother was a play to get us involved in harming her. All their previous attacks, assassins and their own kind, have failed. The claim of demons and angels seems a little far fetched, unless she is this Enemy our blue dragon friend spoke of. That or perhaps she is in league with the Enemy.

I had to ask if Esmerelda Black worked for this Enemy. The Hag was torn in answering the question. She knew something about it. “That which you see, was never meant to be.” was her answer. She refused to say any more.

A powerful spell attempted to erase the hag from existence. Luckily, Genna and Connor were able to resist the spell otherwise we would have been foiled entirely. The spell made us believe the hag was a con man the entire time. Genna’s cat led us into a shadow plane where we could discuss the matter. It would take a being of immense power to cast such a spell. Quite worrisome. I wonder if it is our Enemy…

Slyph wanted to resolve a family matter, which I felt could likely have waited in lieue of rescuing Rohveka’s mother and the slaves. We would likely need to ask William for aid in storming the new slaving headquarters.



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