The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 9

We sat discussing what our next actions are. It seems there are many options available to us in the future. Slyph was correct, however, we need a more defensible position. While we discussed the matter a scream sounded from the street.

It seems a bounty hunter had attacked a woman Corra who in Draythen was wanted for unliscensed witchcraft. It seems that Rennik is more concerned with law than what is right. I was not willing to turn over the woman to the bounty hunter for something that may not be wrong in Helion. I wasn’t willing to turn her over to oppressive law. I’m unsure how useful Rennik will be if we have to sit and argue over ideals every time we have to do something. I dislike how things turned out, but I recieved the word of the magistrate that they would use a truthseer to verify the woman’s crimes before sending her back. I realize that is the extent of what I could do in this situation, but I do not like it. The conditions these humans live in cause my heart to ache. I shall do my best to try and improve them, but I don’t know how successful I’ll ever be. Our minds are created differently.

Esmerelda was waiting for us when we returned to the inn. She and Genna walked off to discuss things. Connor was worried that the bounty hunter would take word back to Draythen about Rohveka. Apparently he sensed fear in the woman when she saw Rohveka. I think it is a very wise worry. We shall have to keep our eyes sharp.

We then proceeded to have a long discussion about philosophical matters. Genna and Rohveka did not have the patience to settle the matter. I’m not sure where Rennik lays in our regard, but we had to lay down an ultimatum on standing beside us or against us. We cannot afford to have someone we do not fully trust at our side. Matters are truly too grave.

We had to rush to catch up to the Ladies, who would not await the end of the discussion. They went to Granny Liddy’s home to ask her for information. She asked Liddy about Amara Naren. Apparently it is a woman who attempted to save a serial killer of women from the death penalty. She wished to prevent his death so that he would not obtain a position of power within the lower planes. A noble goal to be sure. She is a scholar that lives in the noble quarter; the Old Hidemarch Manor.

I asked Granny Liddie about the witch hunter and she said that tieflings are outlawed within Draythen. I sincerely hope that this is all the reaction was based off of.

I asked Liddie about the fox woman and apparently it is an old method of learning magic; or where magic came from. I shall have to investigate further…warily.



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