The Un-Made Crown

Minotaur, Hobgoblins and Gnolls, Oh My

Rohveka's Musings Part 2

While it took us quite some time, we finally managed to track down the gnoll slavers. We had to pass through an ominous looking cannon to get there where I was sure they would at least have scouts to keep an eye out. Thankfully, gnolls are just as dumb as I’ve heard them to be. Connor did find the tracks of another beast, however, and Arnexus and I concluded them to be from nothing other than a minotaur. I’ve read they are rather nasty creatures and I couldn’t help but hope we didn’t run into him.

We moved onward and came upon the gnoll encampment and could see the prisoners caged in the back. We quickly, well, somewhat quickly came up with a plan to distract the gnolls and hobgoblins with dancing lights, making it appear the ship we could only assume was to transfer the potential slaves was on fire while Arn charged into the middle of the encampment. He decided he would go straight for a white female gnoll who appeared to not only be the leader but a shaman as well.

All in all, the battle was short and quick. I have never been able to throw my hexes like that and it felt quite liberating. I found a little bit of satisfaction when I stared my enemy down and watched the fight leave his eyes if only a little bit. I would have to say I felt rather useful all in all. I’m not quite sure what to say about Connor, however, as his crossbow seemed to keep jamming up on him. Someone might need to recommend he keep his weapons in better condition. Arn was also grievously wounded during the fight and if not for Slyph, would probably have perished. He can be rather reckless I’ve noticed. Perhaps my dimwitted judgement was not too soon after all.

Once the camp was cleared, I found an interesting wand on the unconscious shaman and soon found out from the captives that the wand could turn a person into a chicken. It was after this we discovered about 200 human-made-chickens on the boat. I can’t help but feel a chill run up my spine at the thought of being turned into a chicken though i will not deny the brilliancy of the plan to transport the captives. I did find another potion within one of the cabins and deduced it to be able to change the captives back into humans. Sadly, there is only enough for about five and so we will have to find a skilled alchemist who can perhaps replicate the potion… a few dozen times.

Connor informed us two or three children had tried to escape through a hole in a rather large rock. The children’s mother had apparently begged him to rescue them. We discovered the hole was part of a purplish metal door, a material I recognized as electrum, something no one works with anymore. It can only mean the door is very old. What caught my eyes the most though, as it did everyone’s was there were six panels upon the door, each with an similar image of each one of us. I have no idea what it can possibly mean.

We now have children to save, a potion to replicate, evidence of Brithan coinage and Azshure documentation to consider and too few of us to do it all. I am glad we have decided to rest before deciding on what to do next. A path chosen should never be made without a rested mind. Thatch agrees.



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