The Un-Made Crown

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Or, Why I'm Never Letting Corsair ANYWHERE NEAR Rohveka Again

Well, this expedition is off to a fine start. I signed on for caravan guard duty with a merchant heading to the Bastion, sight unseen. The Master said this would help me gain experience and maybe bring in some coin for the Order, but I honestly think he has more in mind that simply raising funds.

The area we have been travelling through has seen some gnoll activity, but we found nothing during the first week of travel. This did little to lessen my wariness, especially in light of our caravan leader’s drunken entrance. Then we found signs that we have been followed by someone on horseback, but we saw no one else on the road.

We made camp that night, and that is when everything took a turn for the worse. Rohveka, the tiefling spellcaster, awoke screaming in the dead of night, and one of the horses shrieked and fell over dead. When we examined the carcass, a demonic serpent burst forth from its entrails. I slew it easily, but I must admit the incident unsettled me greatly. I must remember to tether Corsair farther from her tent in the future lest my faithful steed suffer a similar fate. It would seem we have gained the unwelcome attention of a demonic prince, which bodes poorly for this expedition.

We reached the first stop on our expedition soon thereafter, and we followed the caravan leader to his meetings. I am grateful we did, for we noticed a man wearing baker’s garb and riding boots striving to observe the meeting while avoiding attention. I gave chase along with Connor, who observed this man changing his disguise and revealing him as one of the drovers in our expedition. We alerted our employer, and resolved to watch the spy more carefully.

As we continued on our travels, we happened upon a village which appears to have been attacked by a band of gnoll slavers. We have decided to follow their trail and attempt a rescue in the morning. May the Goddess guard us this night.



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