Adventurer Rohveka

A female Tiefling Witch


Rohveka has pale skin, dark grey striped markings start at the back of her neck and cover her back, the back of her arms and legs down to the elbow and knee and cover her long tail and gimp wings. Thick, curly, unruly blue-black hair covers her head which mostly covers the thin ram horns that adorn her head and curve behind her ears. A tuft of blue-black fur covers the end of her tail.

She’s a little over average height for a woman and thin and wiry having small curves at the hips, a thin waist and less than ample chest. Her eyes are round and slightly slanted, with thick lashes, a straight nose and thinnish lips. She often wears a cotton dress of simple make with a long cloak where she can easily hide her wings and tail.

When traveling, she will wear more of a thin leather skirt with slits in front of each leg for freedom of movement, a dark leather corset (not for armor, simply for durability as it is thin and rather flexible) and cotton blouse beneath. She wears a thick belt which hangs three pouches of various shapes and various items. Long, finger-less gloves cover her hands, where a few beaded bracelets made by her mother hang on her left wrist. A leather choker hangs from her neck with a dark teal colored stone in the shape of a tear hangs. She almost always has a cloak on her back and a quarterstaff in her hand. Knee-high leather boots cover her feet.

Thatch, her trusty Compsognathus familiar, is about the size of a large crow. He is almost completely dark brown with very little in the way of markings except for white that starts at the front of his neck and runs down to his belly. His eyes are beady black.
Rohveka is kind for the most part but can be stubborn and does have a temper though it does not show itself often. Shabashta did well to teach Rohveka to be confidant in herself and will often look down on any who spew prejudice. She has been known to be snarky and impatient.

An infant was tossed aside on the shadier streets of Helian before being found and taken to a small orphanage. Whispers rolled around the less reputable dirty blocks of a demon child with pale and grey skin, a tiny tail, stub horns and two mysterious lumps on it’s back. Among those whispers were those calling for its death even though the rest of the child looked human.

Among those to hear the whispers was a former Witch of the Royal Coven, simply called Shabashta, a woman appearing to be of middling years. Shabashta went to the orphanage and immediately recognized the child for a tiefling, a child ultimately cursed by demonic blood in its ancestry by no fault of its own. The child was a girl and Shabashta could not leave the child to a fate of neglect or possibly death so she took the child, warning off any who would think to come after and harm the girl.

Shabashta named the girl Rohveka and raised the tiefling as her own, teaching her the ways of Witchcraft. In their small, quiet house, Rohveka was happy with her adopted mother and her mother’s mischievious familiar, a raccoon named Ruepurt. At the age of ten, Rohveka attained her own familiar much to her delight, a Compsognathus with the name Thatch. Thatch was immediately very loyal and Rohveka’s only (besides Ruepurt) and truest friend.

The small family were happy together though they could not escape the suspicion cast on them. Shabashta made a point to go out into their part of the city, bringing Rohveka along, forcing the people to see the young girl with thick blue-black hair, blue-grey eyes, pale skin and growing horns and a tail. Despite the suspicion, their magic was often sought though mostly for light healing. They also sold herbal teas they produced within their small shop, teas that became quite popular. The cityfolk around the two Witches eventually accepted Rohveka as a young woman though none ever went out of their way to become close friends with the girl.

As Rohveka became a teenager, Shabashta began sending Rohveka out into the city by herself with only Thatch to make deliveries of their teas, knowing the girl would have to learn to fend for herself and being confidant that Rohveka could. Despite what many thought of Witches, Shabashta always taught Rohveka to be the better person, to never let what people thought of her to define her. The young tiefling could be a better person than any of those that cast eyes of suspicion and prejudice upon her.

By the age of eighteen, Rohveka’s horns had formed like those of a ram’s but thinner and laying closer to the head, curling behind her ears with her thick, curly, unruly mane of blue-black hair able to mostly hide them. The tiefling’s skin was still pale, no matter what amount of sun she might expose herself to except for darker grey striped markings that start at the back of her neck, move down her back, down the back of her arms and legs to the elbow and knee and ultimately covering most of her long, agile tail that ends in a tuft of blue-black fur. The dark grey markings almost cover the leathery skin of small, fragile wings upon her back which for all intents and purposes appear to be useless.

It was at this age that Shabashta, her heart heavy, told Rohveka it was time for her to leave the nest and seek out life’s experiences outside their humble hovel. Hugging the tiefling tightly, Shabashta explained there was a great potential in her Witch’s power that she would need to go out and seek and perhaps maybe Rohveka was the one the former Royal Coven needed to bring them out of the shadows once more.


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Adventurer Rohveka

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