Adventurer Slyph Andersmith

A female Human Priestess of Ninkali


Slyph is a young woman, influential and acts somewhat naive at times. The truth is that she is very smart and wise beyond her years. Porcelain white skin, long black hair, average height, all knowing vibrant blue eyes that can charm even the roughest sort of character to cooperate. It is easy to forget oneself and open up to her as if she were your best friend. There is nothing intimidating about the young priestess. She seems like a girl next door you would often play with as a child. She is a lover of music, dancing, the arts and people in general. When in her presence, you cannot help but relax and feel at home. She just has that way about her.


Slyph Andersmith is a young priestess/acolyte of Ninkali (the Maiden aspect of the goddess). Having come from a very small village and later choosing to enter the priesthood she has lived a very sheltered life up unto this point. The only battle she has ever been a part if has been at the training grounds of the temples. She has taken a vow of chastity for a year and been sent outside the temple walls to face temptation. If her faith and will are strong enough, she will be one step closer to becoming a member of the Sanctified.

Her short term goal is just that…becoming Sanctified. Her mid goal is to become a Vestial Knight. As for long term goal, she has not thought much about what that might be. So much rides on passing the three tests put forth before her. If she fails….well, Slyph does not wish to think on that. Her whole life has been tailored for this moment….ever since she was a child and and came face to face with one of the revered Vestial Knights in all her splendor, riding upon a unicorn.

She never touches alcohol (not a vow but a choice) but does frequent the taverns to see how others live outside the Temple and to listen to the traveling bards. Their stories captivate her. She is known to dabble in a few games with cards.


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Adventurer Slyph Andersmith

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