HELIAN, The Illuminated City


HELIAN, The Illuminated City
A True Neutral Metropolis of 65,000 citizens ruled by an Overlord, The Widow Queen Marriette.
((Random Encounter percentile Dice mod= +15%))

MODIFIERS to Skill Checks

CORRUPTION Bluff VS. Officials / Stealth in the streets. +6
CRIME Sense Motive VS. bluff / Slight of Hand when using Pick Pockets +4
ECCONOMY Craft, Perform and Profession +5
LAW Intimidate citizens to become friendly / Diplomacy Vs. officials. +7
LORE Diplomacy to gather information / Knowledge +9
SOCIETY Disguise / Diplomacy VS. citizen +1


  • Academic
  • Magically Attuned
  • Prosperous
  • City Of The Dead
  • Strategic Local
  • Tourist Attraction

- Refugee Camp ((Population + 25,000, + 2 to CRIME, + 5% to Danger))

Base Value Purchase Limit minor Items medium items major items Spell Casting
GP GP - - - -

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HELIAN, The Illuminated City

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