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Good king Stephan, fourth in the line of the Valkirk kings died. Head and crown split by the axe of Baron Karza ‘The Kingslayer’. Ardred and Evan, twin sons of Stephan, both legitimate heirs to the Illuminated Throne tore apart the kingdom as the axe split the crown. Two principalities, Brython in the south, Drathen in the north, where once one kingdom of Aurora. Each as opposite in ideology as they are the same in strength, the feuding Princes hope to gain the Crown, make it whole once again and rule as the one true King. To accomplish this, one must defeat the other.

Only the fading power of Mariette the Widow Queen has kept the Land from being engulfed in the flames of open warfare. Her power base is the Crown City of Helian, a prized jewel in the midst of the battle ravaged land. Recently she has consolidated her most loyal followers close to her, as if in preparation of some secret task.

Then the letters came from the Bastion of Whispers.

We will use the Pathfinder Game System, but be pretty “Lite” on the rules. TeamSpeak will be how we verbally communicate while Roll20 will be our virtual Table Top. The Characters you make should be kept in the Myth-Weavers web site. As to When we play, that will be determined.
Here are some links to the afore mentioned sites (they will lead you away from here).




O.K… I think that covers it. Good luck and Have fun.

The Unmade Crown is the creative effort of Sheyd the Dungeon Master who will be running the adventures. I, Hammerfe77, will update this Obsidian Portal site to reflect the information and changes in the world of Axia. We will try to accomidate as many players as we can. I have been a member of Obsidian Portal for some time now and will blatantly pirate anything cool that I can understand and incorporate it into this site. Please forgive me. If you catch me using your intellectual property and want me to stop, just tell me so and I will knock it off.

The Un-Made Crown

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