The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 26

There are two ways out of the “tomb” we found ourselves in that weren’t our hole punched in the cieling. One led out at an equal level while the other was a steeply climbing corridor. I believed that the upward corridor was the better choice. Genna wanted to explore the rest of the lower areas. One day her curiosity or avarice, I’m not really sure which, is likely to get us killed.

While taking the upward corridor, as Slyph made the decisionf or us, something that bodes ill. I worry about our ability to work as a team when one person decides actions on their own. Especially that one person…

While moving up we heard the voice of natives, one who our young guide said was Zeckalkhan.

We made our way sneakily toward Zeckalkhan. Rohveka proved her worth quite handily by putting our enemy to sleep quite handily.

A dire shark attacked attacked us, and we quickly put it down. Upon investigating Zeckalkhan’s items we came upon an aboleth, Xird, who wished its freedom. I could not risk it getting free to push its evil will upon the world, so I attacked. Our tactics were quite handy in defeating the aboleth Xird. Upon the end of the battle Zeckalkhan’s life left his body. It was quite strange.

Some others within the party sensed a comment within the mind, “Your usefulness is at an end,” when Zeckalkhan was slain. It seems there is another psionic creature about. Our task is not yet ended to free these people.

There is some concern in the party about my keeping the staff. I shall study it and ensure that it is not a dangerous item. Obviously any item of power in the wrong hands can be quite dangerous. Connor’s sword being one of them. The blood power coursing through those in our group being another. One of those the most worried is one I’d least trust with her blood power. If the staff poses any danger in of itself other than giving power to the one that wields it, then it should be destroyed.

Journal of Arnexus 25

I’ll admit that the past week has been something of a trial as we try to solidify and stabilize the kingdom. Connor isn’t taking it completely well, but he has been performing competently enough. I won’t claim to be the most politically minded but I’ve had much more training than he.

A barrister for the Company of the Shining Beacon bequeathed to our company a journal detailing their studies of the Chessine artifacts. As well they gave us the island and base of operations that they set up to perform their studies.

Connor was quick to agree that we should investigate this island and the artifacts contained upon it. We set sail to the island of Farshore, which lays a week’s sea travel from the Capital.

I won’t comment too much about the trip, other than the ship moved more than I would have liked. I was not well during the trip.

Temerous the overseer of the town met us at the gangplank and immediately tendered his resignation. He said the natives had begun to worship a made up god and had gone insane. He also mentioned that they had killed some of the townsfolk. The goddess is named Dayhut, and is displeased by the newcomers.

I asked if they had discovered anything unusual during their digs. Temerous mentioned dig site A and the finding of something called the Sunken Temple. They found a staff, which I very much want to get my hands on.

I asked who should take his place and he said anyone amongst the 150 other non-natives. I’ll have to interview potential prospects.

It seems this island is the home to dinosaurs. We shall have to tread carefully here. One of the elder children mentioned that the birds have disappeared.

A Professor Lind was mentioned. Apparently the people speak a corrupted version of Chessine called enkesh.

We were approached by a group of natives, the leader of which had a chessine battle staff. He was diplomatic, but wished for us to leave. That much was made abundantly clear.

We asked to speak to non-natives that have undergone some form of ceremony. It was obvious that they lied in their “good fortunes”. They were forced to say that they were doing well.

Two young girls made the swim to the ship. They asked for our help. Zekulkhan is the leader’s name. The being that is controlling things is “from the water”. The Free People have retreated to the Great Wall to the north. Site A is known as the temple of the sleeping one. The mark, or abyssal magic device embedded into their neck killed the elder child, but we managed to save the youngest. She knew a way into the temple.

We discussed our next move. We decided to sail away from the town but make our way to site A vice returning “home”. We utilized Genna’s shadowy ways to make it to site A.

While making our way down to the secret entrace we slipped. The slipping sped up the trip to say the least and we found ourself within a chamber holding a fish like being within amber. Aboleths, nine of them trapped, hibernating, within solidified slime. I’m pretty sure they aren’t the beings that are causing the effect on the natives.

Journal of Arnexus 24

Our first order of business after the huge storm of insanity that resulted from Connor taking the throne was to try and consolidate power in order to rebuild stability.

Connor and I both made speaches to try and calm the nobles and guard/watch captains. It seems to have worked for now.

Lord Vallorian offered his services, though I note that it wasn’t truly fealty.

Valeria approached the throne room in the company of 12 armored vrocs. Her goal was to sire a child from Connor in return for returning the kingdom to the true world. I do not like the deal that was brought forth, but it was not, in the end, my decision. I’m not sure what else we could do other than obtain aid from the City of Wizards. In the end Connor agreed to the deal.

While Connor scoured himself clean after his tryst with a demoness I had a bourbon waiting for him and summoned the General of Prince Evan’s army to swear fealty. The General was Sir Janus Feyr. He swore fealty. Interestingly Evan kept the illusion that he was kind hearted.

Next came Prince Ian. He acted defeated. He said that Valeria had manufactured the circumstances in which Connor obtained his sword. We asked why Valeria wanted Helion so badly. Apparently it’s because of Brand’s engine. Brand, the left hand of Guyrus on the “forge” plane. He ended up swearing fealty to Connor, which is good. He seems very keen to thwart Valeria’s plans.

Journal of Arnexus 23

The mysterious person, Auger, is a representative of Hidemoor, City of Wizards. Interesting again.

Rennik pledged his allegiance to our new King Connor. His eyes changed when he was knighted. His eyes became blue, with a draconic pupil. I daresay I shall recommend to Rohveka that she should recreate the Circle of Witches. As well I think Genna would make a fine spymaster.

Auger wished to find those that have the gift of magic and train them in Hidemoor. Quite interesting. He told a tale of an ancient empire, which used glyphstones to cast magic. He told of weavers who used the stones. He also spoke of Chessine, who were children compared to these weavers. Somewhere in the land there is a glyphstone that exists and the human mages in existance have tapped into this instead of the true source of magic. Draining the glyphstone would end this, according to Auger. He mentioned Valshenda, who was a night hag of tremendous power. Apparently her offspring as her middle management for lack of a better term. Hags, like so many other races, aren’t of this world. Valshenda is a powerful arcanist/witch. I don’t think anyone was listening too intently but this Auger did mention my people’s immigrant status.

Prince Ian, from Draythen demanded audience.
Slyph/Kephri recieved a scroll from the Reverend Mother, to prepare her for what was coming.

Genna informed us that Grannie Liddie had passed away, and that Esmereldra Black was taking her part and puppeting the Queen.

We all started touching the crown, trying to put it together over Connor’s head. I started it. Kephri/Slyph and Genna were hurt by the crown. Rennik and I weren’t harmed. Then came Rohveka…. the entire kingdom was sucked into the Abyss. To say doom has come to greet us is an understatement…

Journal of Arnexus 22

I’ll admit to being at a loss as to what to do next. Basically none of us can really agree on what our next course of action is and I’m not exactly sure any of them don’t lead directly into our death. We argued in circles and seemed more to be attempting to shoot each other’s ideas down than attempting to really lay out a course of action.

Meshik seemed to be our best option. He’s a retired Kingsguard, who now tends to the Carnal House of the city within the Bones. He lives behind the burning house for the city’s dead. A truly dreadful place as it turns out. I’ll spare you the description but suffice it to say you can taste the ash of the dead upon the air.

Not surprisingly Meshik doesn’t seem too fond of elves. We can be infuriating to those not familiar with our ways. Meshik is a truly grizzled man. I’ll leave it at that.

Rennik, chose the path of a soldier. I wanted to drop the truth upon him but wasn’t sure he could be trusted. Kephry took the approach of faith. It seems that a mixture of the approaches worked. The female heir is named Kathryn to the King’s first wife, Moira. Moira died in birthing the daughter. Kathryn is in a convent to the south of Port Ashur. Apparently only William Crofstly knows of this. However, as the King’s former spymaster his notes may now be in the hands of our enemies. Apparently only the things William held over the two Princes kept them at bay after the King’s death.

We asked Meshik to become the guardian of the Princess. We asked him his opinion on where Kathryn could be safe. We also told him that we faced Valeria, so that he would understand the stakes. This place is the Castille, where the Guardian Order lives. Meshik said that he would travel to the Castille while we moved toward this monastery. Meshik wrote a letter in order to get us to Kathryn.

Our conversation was cut short by the crack of lightning. Apparently Kehpri went to confront the priest in the chapel. The man was most likely a charlatain, utilizing arcane spells. He had priestly magic wands upon his person. He was subdued and then questioned. The man’s name is Vicar Reece. He was told, upon the cost of his soul, to pretend to be a priest.

Thatch, spoke to me telepathically and relayed a message from Rohveka. “I can’t shake my sister, Irena. One of the princes is our brother. Irena has my stepmother, stay away.”

This goes back to this Fayd that Connor spoke of.

Another message from Rohveka was relayed. Apparently both princes are children of Valeria. This means Connor and Kathryn are the only human heirs to the throne.

Our next move was to enter the palace and look for the notes/intel of William. Connor remembered that William was always fond of the gardens. Our attempt to enter the office was rebuffed and not even my diplomatic status got us inside. Instead we found a secret entrance to the office that we traveled through. We lucked out in being relatively trusted by William. We wandered into a death field, but thankfully our emblems of the company allowed us to pass unscathed.

Thanks to Genna’s bag of holding, we were able to get the books, safely out of the secret room. Though it looks like these are only the most recent two years of information.

From there we had to find a new safe house as I feel like our warehouse isn’t the safest of places due to Rohveka knowing about it. We need to find a way to free her of Irena’s influence. Connor told us about a halfway house for people trying to avoid attracting attention. The name of the flophouse, as they call it, is Red’s.

We had a lot of information that we could use to play the nobles of the court.

So, yet another message from our friendly, and mischevious witch. “Be near the castle when the princes present themselves.” With the head of the Ninkali church throwing her weight behind the “queen” it looks like we have little choice but to walk into the spider’s den. We will go and check on the plague and from there, I shall gather my dozen elven guards and ensconce myself in the palace, along with the rest of the Company of the Blue Dragon.

Journal of Arnexus 21

We sent Genna into the city to find out what had happened. After some typical trials and tribulations we found out what had generally happened in the city. There was a poison attempt on the Queen’s life. Some others were caught as well. William Croftsly was slain as well as the elven diplomat. My Aunt Saylina made me the new head diplomat. I’ve decided to make the other members of the Company of the Blue Dragon my personal retinue until such a time as they act against the best interests of the elven kingdom. We’ll need to find a new champion amongst the humans. I have been given twelve royal guards to aid in tasks. My Aunt also mentioned that the assassination

Candice Mordaine somehow has become the champion of the Queen. It seems it is her forces that prevent the armies of Brython and Draython from beseiging the city in force. We shall have to approach her and hope she doesn’t hold a grudge against her destroyed tower. I hope her other allies are still alive.

Rohveka went off to visit her mother while Genna went to find Granny Liddie. Rohveka sent a message to Connor saying that she was being persued by her sister, which of course we had no idea existed until now. We attempted to shoot the creature as she chased our tiefling companion to our compound. Connor and the royal guards’ arrows did nothing to the creature, another spawn of Valeria. This sister was behind the attempt on the Queen’s life and the chaos that has followed.

The next day we made our journey to the Royal Court to see both Granny Liddie and Candice Mordaine. Liddie affirmed the demonic origin of the attack. Candice’s report said that the attack was perpetrated by demons. Apparently Lady Mordaine is pushing for the Queen to make a decision on the heir to the throne. Granny Liddie aided us in being brought before the Queen so that I could present myself.

Before being taken to see the Queen I boosted my sight with magic to see if I could detect anything odd. Many of us were sure that perhaps the Queen had not truly lived through the attack. When I studied the Queen I could see shadowy tendrals that were attempted to be hidden. The Queen also wished to move us into the castle’s diplomatic quarters. I begged off for a time, saying we needed to see to very important matters. I also noticed that Candice radiated necromantic magic.

As we left we decided we needed to find a safe place to talk. Rohveka said that her sister Irina was within her head. I tried to see if I could help Rohveka but apparently she has the ability to ward herself from evil. After our conference we learned a few things. The Queen is dead and in control of Valeria. Candice Mordaine is also dead. Granny Liddie is keeping the Queen’s body animated.

Our options are extremely limited. Some wanted to out Valeria and name Connor heir. Slyph/Kephri wishes to kill the animated Candice. Personally I’m not really sure either option is good. Rennik told us of rumors of a third heir. A pureblooded daughter. That may be our best option. Rennik also knew of an old mercenary that might have information.

So at the end of this day I’m the diplomat to a demon queen who wants to bring us into the shadow of her demonic wings…

Journal of Arnexus 20

The remainder of my time spent on the plane passed all too quickly. Granted when one is met with knowledge one does not have it is wisest to pursue it.

I sent a missive to the others of our group detailing Kephri’s deal. As expected they answered negatively. As I mentioned previously this is the course I find wisest as well. I shall send the amulet back to her in such a way that she will not know my answer until we are already gone from this world.

The day of the ritual arrived. Though I trust Guyris I did take a look at the ritual work and found it whole. She did not spare any expense in the casting of this ritual, and the amount of power it must have taken is enormous. I’ve studied it in case I need to recreate it at another time. I did my best to thank Guyris but can’t help but feel it is inadequate. Then again there’s likely little we could have done to aid her.

While the ritual was underway, Kephri took the opportunity to attack the arena. I’m not surprised she’s use such a cowardly tactic. Many of those within the stadium are innocent. The woman clearly is a sociopath. The spell she cast was quite interesting, however, a fire nova. She also made use of some form of sonic swarm attack. I made note of what I could in case I need to someday recreate the spells.

It took a time to recover from the affects of the ritual but eventually we found ourselves at a tower ruins, within the rain. It seems likely that it is the location that we left from; and I am sad for those we left behind for it is likely they did not survive based on the devastation of the ruin. We decided to make our way back to Helion to discover where and when we are.

Of course, nothing could be easy. Upon reaching the city we find it besieged on two separate fronts by armies from Brython and Draython. With the Helion army helping the dwarves this should prove…interesting.

Journal of Arnexus 19

I must say that I’m almost loathe to return to my own world. What I could learn here is immense. I am trying to copy and glean as much as I can with the time that I have.

Apparently Bandit Kephri is a result of this closed world. A…remainder in an equation that allows for a prodigy unlike any other. Her understand of magic is greater than all others and she is able to “cheat” the system. If the system is based upon equations, however, then I think anyone that possesses enough understanding could do the same. Her writings are VERY similar to the teachings of the Fox Spirit.

Genna has been hearing information about my race and the truth behind us. I deflected the information with mild humor. Delving into such matters further would be disasterous to her health.

Connor asked about the fey’ri, which I found interesting. It’s a sore subject for the elves of this world, I’m sure.

While in the course of my studies Connor and Rennik came to visit me. They were concerned about Urian and the origin/compact with the dragon kings. Apparently Rennik is worried about my absconded skull being the skull that the dragon kings signed to make their compact official. Buspar supposedly holds this plane’s version of the skull in his island stronghold of Stormhold. Connor was fearful of giving out too much information in order to leave as little trace/taint as possible. I feel that is likely the wisest course. We could, of course, be losing out on a great boon but the knowledge could also lead to great trouble.

Quite a surprise was in store for me. A graduate requested that I talk to them. Eventually I was ushered into the presence of the Bandit Kephri. She doesn’t strongly support the dragon aspects, which isn’t very surprising. She justifies her actions in the name of magic. She wished for me to bring an object back with us to our world. A bronze disk with a complex symbol carved into it was the item in question. She said that it is the Ixidrian, which is supposedly the item that is the symbol of that which killed Urian. It is hard to know whether to trust this woman or not. I told her that I would discuss the matter with my group and get back to her. If we did not agree then it would be returned to her. My instincts tell me that I should not agree, but that it was potentially dangerous to tell her no outright. I’ve sent a note to my comrades telling them what happened and that we should discuss the matter.

Journal of Arnexus 18

The ritual to send us home will take at least 3 months to put together. I’ve offered whatever aid I might give to help Guyris in the endeavor. Given that she will be devoting a significant effort in aiding us and neglecting some of her duties then we’ll be serving as her lieutenants. We’ve been given a certain amount of power in this, but I fear to abuse such.

The arcanists within the city are most forthcoming in their knowledge and library. The power within the earth here would allow feats of magic unheard of on our world. Though I have found that such sources of magic exist upon our own worth. Ley lines are the key, perhaps. I shall have to look for them on our own world. Perhaps a lack of ley lines to smooth the power of the planet are part of the issue.

We had to wait a week to gain access to the Citadel, but eventually we traveled by waystone. I made use of the intervening time well in the various libraries of citadel graduates within the city. The Citadel is impressive, though far to the north. Apparently wizards are treated with an almost excessive respect. My companions are treated as servants, which I find somewhat upsetting. The “taxis” that take one from place to place are rather intriguing, and also somewhat exciting in their speed.

In order to gain entrance to the citadel I had to pass a test. There was a mirror, a sphere, a dagger, length of wood. Their magic was identical. I decided to pick the wood. Though I’m not sure I did a very good job I was able to channel the energy within the wood.

The library of the Citadel is a treasure trove of knowledge. I did find something odd during my studies. There are some strange studies that are taking place within the curriculum. There are classes that should be useless. I spoke to the page, who spoke of something called Voiders. They enter these fake planes to do battle with these voiders. The students are able to tap planar energy to attack the Voiders. I shall look into the matter as it might have some bearing on my conjuration magic.

Journal of Arnexus 17

We ended up determining that the safest route, and dragon-ly-god to visit would be Guyrus, the gold dragon. That route lay west.

While we discussed matters we came upon lightning grass / storm sage, etc. Very rare, grass that causes static shock, which is basically a defense against getting eaten.

Not being content to let lightning grass being the strangest thing Connor started removing his armor. He now has a patch of scales and spines across his back.

While travelling we came across an air-boat that seemed to utilize the electric grass to hover and travel. It had one billowing sail. It also had what looked like the sigil of the blue dragon god Askarid.

While traveling I noticed “rivers” of magic moving under the earth. I shall have to experiment with such given the opportunity.

After four days of travel we came upon a town. We sent in Connor and Genna to investigate. Apparently it is a trading post. They ran into a being that was terrified of Genna, due to her shadow-walking. They weren’t sure how the women knew Genna could shadow-walk. She also apparently knew Connor was blooded. They only saw one blooded of Buspar, while the Askarid and Guyrus blooded were more common. Apparently there’s a lot of seed being sewn. The town’s name is Serekesh.

I was able to use the currents of magic to teleport us west approximately 100 miles. When we appeared we came upon a traveling trader. Luckily he spoke an old form of draconic, so we were finally able to communicate with someone. Rennik had him describe the surroundings.
Musard is the name of the town to the west. To the north are mountains, Kortorial. To the west his said Nimbus, which I think is the nation of Guyrus. Was the basic rundown of the encounter. Serekesh is the only neutral trade city in the planes between the dragon beings. The city is run by a champion of Erebus, who in this plane is actually benevolent; which is quite odd. Illuminia is the capital of Nimbus.
The trader makes a good living trading cloth. Apparently one of his children attends “The Citadel”, which is a college of magic within Nimbus.
Malcom, the merchant agreed to let us travel with him. The front wheels of the wagon were enchanted, allowing us to move very quickly.

As we traveled closer to Nimus Malcom became more cautious, setting up alarms. Apparently there are bandits that would cause him to abandon his goods.

We came upon a town that had been sacked by a group of bandits led by Kephri Baleflame, who rode upon a floating castle. Apparently this was one of the groups our friend Malcom would run away from. This Kephri is a bandit Queen, who had ripped the citadel out of the ground, so someone of power…

I was able to figure out that Kephri has a magical knowledge/library that is second to none. She sacked the town for their own library.

An army of Guyris’ came upon the town. They were hunting the bandit Kephri. The Valsarten knights are apparently the premier knights of the land. The commander approached and wished to meet us all, given the aid that we rendered to the town. His name Kadimus Brand. Apparently our Kephri has similar looks to the Bandit Queen. We also learned that the fleeing halflings tend to bring along those things chasing the halflings. Luckily the commander is understanding and tolerant (outwardly).

The commander offered to lead us to Guyrus and beseech her to aid us. He let us borrow mounts and led us out of town. We then teleported into a large city of towering spires, quite beautiful. Eight beacons sat within the city which emanated the divine energy of Guyris. Towns folks who recognize the bandit Kephri weren’t too fond of seeing our Kephri. We had a nice retinue on the way to the dragon-sized castle.

We were led into an indoor garden, with six diases. Upon five were sitting celestial lamassu. The sixth had a wreath of flowers upon it. Then our vision was filled with what could only be Guyris, a golden dragon larger than a great wyrm from my reckoning. When Brand approached the dragon and bowed we followed suit.

We asked Guyris if she knew of the plight of our world. She was not familiar with our world, but upon showing her our artifacts she recognized them. Apparently she helped forge Connor’s sword two weeks ago.

Our benefactor saved Askarid’s life at his own risk and was made a champion and was able to convince others to create the items we were given. Guyris told us that the dragon beings cannot watch their shadows which cast long and far, and thus use trusted servants to watch those shadows.

Guyris hinted that the only difference between her world and ours was time. This means that the dragons cheat and utilize a template to create their worlds. I suppose that makes sense. Guyris showed she was able to supress our companions’ bloodlines.

The succubus we fought on our world is the familiar of Kephri Baleflame. Apparently we only slew her in our time, but not in this one.

Kephri pulled out our Scroll. The scroll said to hand the scroll to Brand. Recalling that the message said we wouldn’t have much time upon opening, I looked upon this with trepidation. Brand did not look altogether happy to see the scroll. He then burned the scroll in a brazier.

Guyris insists that this world and ours are the same. What happens in this plane effects what happens in our world.

The bloodlines began with the death of a god. Urian, was the creator diety, that created our current plane. He utilized eidolons, archons, elves and titans to help work on the worlds. Demons (led by Ixidrion) attacked and Urian called in all help he could muster, including the dragons. He called upon himself “The Great Hammer” to destroy the demons, destorying himself as well. The dragons refused to move along. Exferax, who was the strongest of the dragons, was the closest to the blast, and was driven insane by the pain of his wound. The children of the dragons were infused with the energy wash from the Hammer. The dragons cannot leave as their energies are tied into the unchanging plane. Someone hired Ixidrion to perpetrate this. They are trapped. The bloodlines were created by “accident”.

Guyris feels that there is a way out of their current situation and that this way will be found. This is a view her fellow dragons do not share.

We asked about the Chessine civilization but Guyris mentioned Chessia who protects the Elven Ghost Wheel, which protects all the life forces of the plane. Apparently this wheel makes the elves immortal and allowed the work forces of the plane to become immortal, but is now overloaded; not being designed to handle so many souls. Curious. This must be a wheel that my people have been severed from.

I’m starting to wonder if there’s some way to help… Also about these bloodlines and the suppression of such…


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