The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 17

We ended up determining that the safest route, and dragon-ly-god to visit would be Guyrus, the gold dragon. That route lay west.

While we discussed matters we came upon lightning grass / storm sage, etc. Very rare, grass that causes static shock, which is basically a defense against getting eaten.

Not being content to let lightning grass being the strangest thing Connor started removing his armor. He now has a patch of scales and spines across his back.

While travelling we came across an air-boat that seemed to utilize the electric grass to hover and travel. It had one billowing sail. It also had what looked like the sigil of the blue dragon god Askarid.

While traveling I noticed “rivers” of magic moving under the earth. I shall have to experiment with such given the opportunity.

After four days of travel we came upon a town. We sent in Connor and Genna to investigate. Apparently it is a trading post. They ran into a being that was terrified of Genna, due to her shadow-walking. They weren’t sure how the women knew Genna could shadow-walk. She also apparently knew Connor was blooded. They only saw one blooded of Buspar, while the Askarid and Guyrus blooded were more common. Apparently there’s a lot of seed being sewn. The town’s name is Serekesh.

I was able to use the currents of magic to teleport us west approximately 100 miles. When we appeared we came upon a traveling trader. Luckily he spoke an old form of draconic, so we were finally able to communicate with someone. Rennik had him describe the surroundings.
Musard is the name of the town to the west. To the north are mountains, Kortorial. To the west his said Nimbus, which I think is the nation of Guyrus. Was the basic rundown of the encounter. Serekesh is the only neutral trade city in the planes between the dragon beings. The city is run by a champion of Erebus, who in this plane is actually benevolent; which is quite odd. Illuminia is the capital of Nimbus.
The trader makes a good living trading cloth. Apparently one of his children attends “The Citadel”, which is a college of magic within Nimbus.
Malcom, the merchant agreed to let us travel with him. The front wheels of the wagon were enchanted, allowing us to move very quickly.

As we traveled closer to Nimus Malcom became more cautious, setting up alarms. Apparently there are bandits that would cause him to abandon his goods.

We came upon a town that had been sacked by a group of bandits led by Kephri Baleflame, who rode upon a floating castle. Apparently this was one of the groups our friend Malcom would run away from. This Kephri is a bandit Queen, who had ripped the citadel out of the ground, so someone of power…

I was able to figure out that Kephri has a magical knowledge/library that is second to none. She sacked the town for their own library.

An army of Guyris’ came upon the town. They were hunting the bandit Kephri. The Valsarten knights are apparently the premier knights of the land. The commander approached and wished to meet us all, given the aid that we rendered to the town. His name Kadimus Brand. Apparently our Kephri has similar looks to the Bandit Queen. We also learned that the fleeing halflings tend to bring along those things chasing the halflings. Luckily the commander is understanding and tolerant (outwardly).

The commander offered to lead us to Guyrus and beseech her to aid us. He let us borrow mounts and led us out of town. We then teleported into a large city of towering spires, quite beautiful. Eight beacons sat within the city which emanated the divine energy of Guyris. Towns folks who recognize the bandit Kephri weren’t too fond of seeing our Kephri. We had a nice retinue on the way to the dragon-sized castle.

We were led into an indoor garden, with six diases. Upon five were sitting celestial lamassu. The sixth had a wreath of flowers upon it. Then our vision was filled with what could only be Guyris, a golden dragon larger than a great wyrm from my reckoning. When Brand approached the dragon and bowed we followed suit.

We asked Guyris if she knew of the plight of our world. She was not familiar with our world, but upon showing her our artifacts she recognized them. Apparently she helped forge Connor’s sword two weeks ago.

Our benefactor saved Askarid’s life at his own risk and was made a champion and was able to convince others to create the items we were given. Guyris told us that the dragon beings cannot watch their shadows which cast long and far, and thus use trusted servants to watch those shadows.

Guyris hinted that the only difference between her world and ours was time. This means that the dragons cheat and utilize a template to create their worlds. I suppose that makes sense. Guyris showed she was able to supress our companions’ bloodlines.

The succubus we fought on our world is the familiar of Kephri Baleflame. Apparently we only slew her in our time, but not in this one.

Kephri pulled out our Scroll. The scroll said to hand the scroll to Brand. Recalling that the message said we wouldn’t have much time upon opening, I looked upon this with trepidation. Brand did not look altogether happy to see the scroll. He then burned the scroll in a brazier.

Guyris insists that this world and ours are the same. What happens in this plane effects what happens in our world.

The bloodlines began with the death of a god. Urian, was the creator diety, that created our current plane. He utilized eidolons, archons, elves and titans to help work on the worlds. Demons (led by Ixidrion) attacked and Urian called in all help he could muster, including the dragons. He called upon himself “The Great Hammer” to destroy the demons, destorying himself as well. The dragons refused to move along. Exferax, who was the strongest of the dragons, was the closest to the blast, and was driven insane by the pain of his wound. The children of the dragons were infused with the energy wash from the Hammer. The dragons cannot leave as their energies are tied into the unchanging plane. Someone hired Ixidrion to perpetrate this. They are trapped. The bloodlines were created by “accident”.

Guyris feels that there is a way out of their current situation and that this way will be found. This is a view her fellow dragons do not share.

We asked about the Chessine civilization but Guyris mentioned Chessia who protects the Elven Ghost Wheel, which protects all the life forces of the plane. Apparently this wheel makes the elves immortal and allowed the work forces of the plane to become immortal, but is now overloaded; not being designed to handle so many souls. Curious. This must be a wheel that my people have been severed from.

I’m starting to wonder if there’s some way to help… Also about these bloodlines and the suppression of such…



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