The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 19

I must say that I’m almost loathe to return to my own world. What I could learn here is immense. I am trying to copy and glean as much as I can with the time that I have.

Apparently Bandit Kephri is a result of this closed world. A…remainder in an equation that allows for a prodigy unlike any other. Her understand of magic is greater than all others and she is able to “cheat” the system. If the system is based upon equations, however, then I think anyone that possesses enough understanding could do the same. Her writings are VERY similar to the teachings of the Fox Spirit.

Genna has been hearing information about my race and the truth behind us. I deflected the information with mild humor. Delving into such matters further would be disasterous to her health.

Connor asked about the fey’ri, which I found interesting. It’s a sore subject for the elves of this world, I’m sure.

While in the course of my studies Connor and Rennik came to visit me. They were concerned about Urian and the origin/compact with the dragon kings. Apparently Rennik is worried about my absconded skull being the skull that the dragon kings signed to make their compact official. Buspar supposedly holds this plane’s version of the skull in his island stronghold of Stormhold. Connor was fearful of giving out too much information in order to leave as little trace/taint as possible. I feel that is likely the wisest course. We could, of course, be losing out on a great boon but the knowledge could also lead to great trouble.

Quite a surprise was in store for me. A graduate requested that I talk to them. Eventually I was ushered into the presence of the Bandit Kephri. She doesn’t strongly support the dragon aspects, which isn’t very surprising. She justifies her actions in the name of magic. She wished for me to bring an object back with us to our world. A bronze disk with a complex symbol carved into it was the item in question. She said that it is the Ixidrian, which is supposedly the item that is the symbol of that which killed Urian. It is hard to know whether to trust this woman or not. I told her that I would discuss the matter with my group and get back to her. If we did not agree then it would be returned to her. My instincts tell me that I should not agree, but that it was potentially dangerous to tell her no outright. I’ve sent a note to my comrades telling them what happened and that we should discuss the matter.



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