The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 20

The remainder of my time spent on the plane passed all too quickly. Granted when one is met with knowledge one does not have it is wisest to pursue it.

I sent a missive to the others of our group detailing Kephri’s deal. As expected they answered negatively. As I mentioned previously this is the course I find wisest as well. I shall send the amulet back to her in such a way that she will not know my answer until we are already gone from this world.

The day of the ritual arrived. Though I trust Guyris I did take a look at the ritual work and found it whole. She did not spare any expense in the casting of this ritual, and the amount of power it must have taken is enormous. I’ve studied it in case I need to recreate it at another time. I did my best to thank Guyris but can’t help but feel it is inadequate. Then again there’s likely little we could have done to aid her.

While the ritual was underway, Kephri took the opportunity to attack the arena. I’m not surprised she’s use such a cowardly tactic. Many of those within the stadium are innocent. The woman clearly is a sociopath. The spell she cast was quite interesting, however, a fire nova. She also made use of some form of sonic swarm attack. I made note of what I could in case I need to someday recreate the spells.

It took a time to recover from the affects of the ritual but eventually we found ourselves at a tower ruins, within the rain. It seems likely that it is the location that we left from; and I am sad for those we left behind for it is likely they did not survive based on the devastation of the ruin. We decided to make our way back to Helion to discover where and when we are.

Of course, nothing could be easy. Upon reaching the city we find it besieged on two separate fronts by armies from Brython and Draython. With the Helion army helping the dwarves this should prove…interesting.



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