The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 22

I’ll admit to being at a loss as to what to do next. Basically none of us can really agree on what our next course of action is and I’m not exactly sure any of them don’t lead directly into our death. We argued in circles and seemed more to be attempting to shoot each other’s ideas down than attempting to really lay out a course of action.

Meshik seemed to be our best option. He’s a retired Kingsguard, who now tends to the Carnal House of the city within the Bones. He lives behind the burning house for the city’s dead. A truly dreadful place as it turns out. I’ll spare you the description but suffice it to say you can taste the ash of the dead upon the air.

Not surprisingly Meshik doesn’t seem too fond of elves. We can be infuriating to those not familiar with our ways. Meshik is a truly grizzled man. I’ll leave it at that.

Rennik, chose the path of a soldier. I wanted to drop the truth upon him but wasn’t sure he could be trusted. Kephry took the approach of faith. It seems that a mixture of the approaches worked. The female heir is named Kathryn to the King’s first wife, Moira. Moira died in birthing the daughter. Kathryn is in a convent to the south of Port Ashur. Apparently only William Crofstly knows of this. However, as the King’s former spymaster his notes may now be in the hands of our enemies. Apparently only the things William held over the two Princes kept them at bay after the King’s death.

We asked Meshik to become the guardian of the Princess. We asked him his opinion on where Kathryn could be safe. We also told him that we faced Valeria, so that he would understand the stakes. This place is the Castille, where the Guardian Order lives. Meshik said that he would travel to the Castille while we moved toward this monastery. Meshik wrote a letter in order to get us to Kathryn.

Our conversation was cut short by the crack of lightning. Apparently Kehpri went to confront the priest in the chapel. The man was most likely a charlatain, utilizing arcane spells. He had priestly magic wands upon his person. He was subdued and then questioned. The man’s name is Vicar Reece. He was told, upon the cost of his soul, to pretend to be a priest.

Thatch, spoke to me telepathically and relayed a message from Rohveka. “I can’t shake my sister, Irena. One of the princes is our brother. Irena has my stepmother, stay away.”

This goes back to this Fayd that Connor spoke of.

Another message from Rohveka was relayed. Apparently both princes are children of Valeria. This means Connor and Kathryn are the only human heirs to the throne.

Our next move was to enter the palace and look for the notes/intel of William. Connor remembered that William was always fond of the gardens. Our attempt to enter the office was rebuffed and not even my diplomatic status got us inside. Instead we found a secret entrance to the office that we traveled through. We lucked out in being relatively trusted by William. We wandered into a death field, but thankfully our emblems of the company allowed us to pass unscathed.

Thanks to Genna’s bag of holding, we were able to get the books, safely out of the secret room. Though it looks like these are only the most recent two years of information.

From there we had to find a new safe house as I feel like our warehouse isn’t the safest of places due to Rohveka knowing about it. We need to find a way to free her of Irena’s influence. Connor told us about a halfway house for people trying to avoid attracting attention. The name of the flophouse, as they call it, is Red’s.

We had a lot of information that we could use to play the nobles of the court.

So, yet another message from our friendly, and mischevious witch. “Be near the castle when the princes present themselves.” With the head of the Ninkali church throwing her weight behind the “queen” it looks like we have little choice but to walk into the spider’s den. We will go and check on the plague and from there, I shall gather my dozen elven guards and ensconce myself in the palace, along with the rest of the Company of the Blue Dragon.



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