The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 24

Our first order of business after the huge storm of insanity that resulted from Connor taking the throne was to try and consolidate power in order to rebuild stability.

Connor and I both made speaches to try and calm the nobles and guard/watch captains. It seems to have worked for now.

Lord Vallorian offered his services, though I note that it wasn’t truly fealty.

Valeria approached the throne room in the company of 12 armored vrocs. Her goal was to sire a child from Connor in return for returning the kingdom to the true world. I do not like the deal that was brought forth, but it was not, in the end, my decision. I’m not sure what else we could do other than obtain aid from the City of Wizards. In the end Connor agreed to the deal.

While Connor scoured himself clean after his tryst with a demoness I had a bourbon waiting for him and summoned the General of Prince Evan’s army to swear fealty. The General was Sir Janus Feyr. He swore fealty. Interestingly Evan kept the illusion that he was kind hearted.

Next came Prince Ian. He acted defeated. He said that Valeria had manufactured the circumstances in which Connor obtained his sword. We asked why Valeria wanted Helion so badly. Apparently it’s because of Brand’s engine. Brand, the left hand of Guyrus on the “forge” plane. He ended up swearing fealty to Connor, which is good. He seems very keen to thwart Valeria’s plans.



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