The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 25

I’ll admit that the past week has been something of a trial as we try to solidify and stabilize the kingdom. Connor isn’t taking it completely well, but he has been performing competently enough. I won’t claim to be the most politically minded but I’ve had much more training than he.

A barrister for the Company of the Shining Beacon bequeathed to our company a journal detailing their studies of the Chessine artifacts. As well they gave us the island and base of operations that they set up to perform their studies.

Connor was quick to agree that we should investigate this island and the artifacts contained upon it. We set sail to the island of Farshore, which lays a week’s sea travel from the Capital.

I won’t comment too much about the trip, other than the ship moved more than I would have liked. I was not well during the trip.

Temerous the overseer of the town met us at the gangplank and immediately tendered his resignation. He said the natives had begun to worship a made up god and had gone insane. He also mentioned that they had killed some of the townsfolk. The goddess is named Dayhut, and is displeased by the newcomers.

I asked if they had discovered anything unusual during their digs. Temerous mentioned dig site A and the finding of something called the Sunken Temple. They found a staff, which I very much want to get my hands on.

I asked who should take his place and he said anyone amongst the 150 other non-natives. I’ll have to interview potential prospects.

It seems this island is the home to dinosaurs. We shall have to tread carefully here. One of the elder children mentioned that the birds have disappeared.

A Professor Lind was mentioned. Apparently the people speak a corrupted version of Chessine called enkesh.

We were approached by a group of natives, the leader of which had a chessine battle staff. He was diplomatic, but wished for us to leave. That much was made abundantly clear.

We asked to speak to non-natives that have undergone some form of ceremony. It was obvious that they lied in their “good fortunes”. They were forced to say that they were doing well.

Two young girls made the swim to the ship. They asked for our help. Zekulkhan is the leader’s name. The being that is controlling things is “from the water”. The Free People have retreated to the Great Wall to the north. Site A is known as the temple of the sleeping one. The mark, or abyssal magic device embedded into their neck killed the elder child, but we managed to save the youngest. She knew a way into the temple.

We discussed our next move. We decided to sail away from the town but make our way to site A vice returning “home”. We utilized Genna’s shadowy ways to make it to site A.

While making our way down to the secret entrace we slipped. The slipping sped up the trip to say the least and we found ourself within a chamber holding a fish like being within amber. Aboleths, nine of them trapped, hibernating, within solidified slime. I’m pretty sure they aren’t the beings that are causing the effect on the natives.



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