The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 26

There are two ways out of the “tomb” we found ourselves in that weren’t our hole punched in the cieling. One led out at an equal level while the other was a steeply climbing corridor. I believed that the upward corridor was the better choice. Genna wanted to explore the rest of the lower areas. One day her curiosity or avarice, I’m not really sure which, is likely to get us killed.

While taking the upward corridor, as Slyph made the decisionf or us, something that bodes ill. I worry about our ability to work as a team when one person decides actions on their own. Especially that one person…

While moving up we heard the voice of natives, one who our young guide said was Zeckalkhan.

We made our way sneakily toward Zeckalkhan. Rohveka proved her worth quite handily by putting our enemy to sleep quite handily.

A dire shark attacked attacked us, and we quickly put it down. Upon investigating Zeckalkhan’s items we came upon an aboleth, Xird, who wished its freedom. I could not risk it getting free to push its evil will upon the world, so I attacked. Our tactics were quite handy in defeating the aboleth Xird. Upon the end of the battle Zeckalkhan’s life left his body. It was quite strange.

Some others within the party sensed a comment within the mind, “Your usefulness is at an end,” when Zeckalkhan was slain. It seems there is another psionic creature about. Our task is not yet ended to free these people.

There is some concern in the party about my keeping the staff. I shall study it and ensure that it is not a dangerous item. Obviously any item of power in the wrong hands can be quite dangerous. Connor’s sword being one of them. The blood power coursing through those in our group being another. One of those the most worried is one I’d least trust with her blood power. If the staff poses any danger in of itself other than giving power to the one that wields it, then it should be destroyed.



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