The Un-Made Crown

Letter to Ma - 4


What is going on? Something, bigger… scarier than any army is against us; why? Please tell me.

Roh’s mother has been taken.. I’m infuriated; no ones mother should be touched. I miss you.

The hags have some kind of underground market for slaves, and other things I’m sure. Roh’s mother was abducted by them for some reason; I’m still not sure why. They attempted to trick us, but thanks to Genna (lovely little halfling) we were able to catch them.

When I heard… I remembered you. All I thought of was if you were captured, what would I do. If any of my friends were in the same situation; what would I do?

Something dumb, as usual. But we caught the hag, we took her to the Templars. She knew something, something bigger than her, something she was terrified of. And when she got to close to telling us; the world changed. The ENTIRE world! Memories, events, people, all shifted… except myself and Genna. Something protected us.

I don’t know what is going on. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I just want to find someplace quiet and hide.

But Roh needs help; all of my friends need help. I need to stick by them.

Stay safe Ma, if all this is happening here; I can’t imagine what is going on there.




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