The Un-Made Crown

I hate writing journals, pt 4

Revelations of the shocking kind

So we get to Helian, and William has gotten us a nice spread going at this really nice inn. I never turn down good food! But we barely had any time upon entering the city to enjoy the reward before we started getting various summons. For me, its from Grannie Liddie. I knew I couldn’t dawdle in getting to see her. I figure its a good time to introduce Connor to the Cousins anyway. He has talents, but needs some guidance and likely some protection. He’s been acting all shifty since we entered city, and rather than enjoy the good food, he just stared out the window. I know what a person who thinks they are being followed looks like, and its just like Connor. So when I go to head off to Grannies, I tell Connor he is coming with me. I leave it up to the rest whether they want to come, and they all do. Maybe they know the importance of a summons by Grannie Liddie. I know Roh does.

On the way, I signal to the Cousins I see to keep an eye out for anyone who may be following us, as I am sure they will find someone is. When we get to Grannie Liddies, several of the young ones signal me and point out the one who is. I don’t get a good look at him, but I let them know to keep watching.

Roh has her own reasons to come. She has found out disturbing news and was told to seek out Grannie. When we get there, Grannie tells the most amazing tale. The sickness now plaguing Rohveka’s mother is likely caused by a witch by the name of Esmerelda Black. One that Liddie and Roh’s mom had once remade with their own powerful spells in an attempt to remove the witch’s source of power (something to do with something on her arm, so they remade her without the arm!). Only now it seemed the witch was back and able to work her evil again.

A middle man of my own kind, Bodger was found murdered. Liddie revealed to me that the witch was likely responsible for this as well. All because she is seeking some powerful artifact or talisman. I am to investigate. She gave me a special knotwork, which we disguised as a glove, and then she indicated that she wanted to speak to me alone. I asked the rest of my group (and soon to be company) to wait outside for me.

Grannie Liddie then asked how much I know of our halfling history. I know the basic stories about coming from another plane to here, but Grannie tells me its much more than that. To make that crossing required some powerful magical skills, halflings capable of working a form of shadow magic to assist transit and detection of other realms. And who do you think has that skill? My own family. Who are dead apart from me. Only Grannie tells me that is not the case, and nor is the magic we hold dead. The two of us who remain harbor it.

I am astonished. I hold no magic save that of stealth and the ability to disguise myself at times. And I know of no other survivors from the bakery fire but me. In the weirdest twist of fate, it seems I actually have an aunt, a very powerful witch, with a penchant for evil. One Esmeralda Black. To save me, Liddie bound my own magic away. I do not even have to ask where, before she calls in a lovely dark cat. Liddie tells me that the time has come for my magic to be freed, so that I might take care of my aunt. My magic has been hidden and bound in shadows with the cat. Grannie Liddie unknoted my shadow from the cat, and restored my skills to me. The cat, Soot, remains with me now, a new companion. I am not sure just what my new abilities are, but Grannie has said I will be able to see into other realms, ones of shadow, and discern things that others cannot see. Eventually, I may even be able to transit through the shadows and other astonishing things that seem to belong to someone else.

I left Grannie Liddie’s in a state of shock. We decided to head back to the business area so that we could hire a replacement for Arn (who between you me and the fence post is most likely dead and gone, but he bought us time to get to safety, and so I will miss him). The cat followed me. The others commented, but I just said the cat was one of Liddies and seems to like me. The man following Connor continued to follow us, but kept his distance. As we moved, I noticed a new alley where one never was before. A female halfling was watching me. I knew who it was, but aware of Grannie Liddie’s warnings about my being in danger for having the magic I do, I pretended not to notice anything and continued on. I hope Esmeralda did not see the goosebumps on my arms under my coat.

We hired our new merc, a strong looking fighter type, and registered our new company, the Company of the Blue Dragon. We head next to Boldger’s shop to investigate, and then to the warehouse. And we will need to look into Connor’s problem soon as well. It’s kind of been a lot to take in.



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