The Un-Made Crown

I hate writing journals, pt 7

A risky gamble

Having found Adler’s hangout, read his journals, and been confronted by an old nemesis of mine, I realized that we were mixed up in things much more complicated than any of us could have foreseen. When we went back to Amara, Connor seemed to see that she was not quite as innocent as she appeared, and drew his sword on her. This prompted a battle and some telling reveals from Amara, or rather, the thing Adler created out of Amara and other victims, and kludged together with some strange alchemy.

Amara claimed to be continuing his work, in order to find a cure for the bone rot that afflicted the the flesh of Amara. She had no remorse for killing anyone to achieve her goals, likening it to nothing more than killing plants. She is clearly insane. The creation is flawed. We managed to subdue her, and manacle her. The others seemed to want to bring her in to justice, but the way I see it, if she is the brains of the operation, as she claims, then she would not remain long in custody, and will never see any justice. The only justice we can obtain is though her death, if we did it now. I pulled my knife to do the deed, but two things stayed my hand. The first was the rest of my company, who wanted to get information from Amara. The second was Amara goading me on to kill her. Why would she want me to kill her? That made no sense given her single-minded pursuit of a cure for her disease. That Rennick recalled some mention of regeneration from the journals was what started my mind racing for other options.

The masks! I could wear the Amara one, and put another, say Morriga’s on an unconscious Amara. If I then deflected the cause of the injury to Morriga onto myself, as the halfling Genna, the only one if us to enter who would not be exiting with us, then perhaps we could get out of there!

So much risk. Getting the disguises right. Bluffing any guards on the way out. That no one in the company would give anything away…. But it seemed like the best option. Rennick knocked Amara out, and I put the plan into motion. Morriga’s mask on Amara. The Amara mask on myself. Getting the wheelchair figured out and donning Amara’s clothing and posture. Before I could break the glass of one of the exterior windows, the dead servant was freed from his muteness and told us to be careful, and that he could give us much more info. He suggested we hide him though, since Amara had broken his legs in her attack on us, and he was unable to hide himself. This we did, and then I broke the window at halfling height.

As expected, this brought in the guards, and I quickly ordered them to “Find that halfling!” The one who had attacked Morriga. Genna. The guards obeyed, and we hastened to the exit, carrying “Morriga” with us. The gate guards wanted to come with us, or follow us, but I think I convinced them that I (as Amara) was in safe hands with the Company of the Blue Dragon, who were investigating the current Adler copycat killings.

I had to blame myself, blame Genna for the attack on Morriga. But as others already know we are being impersonated (William, the Cousins, and likely Grannie Liddie now if the one warned her) we should be able to say even we were fooled by this impostor Genna in our midst, who attacked then fled through the window. The real Genna can be found bound somewhere, I am sure… Now we just need to get Amara somewhere we can hold her and question her. Arnexus seems to want to take her to William, but I don’t think officials can hold her… I think we should take her to Grannie.



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