The Un-Made Crown

I hate writing journals, pt 8

It wasn't a dream

While we were still deciding what to do with Amara, torn between taking her to Liddie or William, columns of smoke began rising from the halfling quarter. This forced us to make the choice of going to William, fearing that we would lose Amara in whatever chaos was afflicting the halflings. As it turned out, several guards passed us on the way to deal with the trouble. They urged me, disguised as Amara, to head back to the safety of my home and stay there, as the city was under attack by winged fiends of some sort. I assured them I would, as soon as I was concluded my task.

We got the the noble district, but the gates were barred, something that never happens unless the city is in danger, such as an attack. Being now stuck with Amara, we had to decide what to do with her, as companies such as ours would be needed in repelling the attackers. Arnexus voted for immediate justice, which as a company we have the right to do. I agreed, but given how Amara wanted us to kill her, I cautioned that we needed to make it a very thorough execution, with a full beheading. I’d even prefer to burn the remains, but that did not seem to be feasible with our current location and means. Slyph objected, but I really did not see we had any other choice. Sure, getting info from her would have been preferable, but I did not think it likely we would even if we had kept her alive, as her escape was the more likely outcome. So with that, death was the right choice. It turned out she was not even really alive, and was a construct, so no wonder she did not fear “death”. We made sure to separate her head from her body, and we put her body back in her chair, and I discarded the disguise. To make sure it seemed I had been held somewhere, captive, I put rope burns on my wrists. Then we headed to the halfling area.

Upon arriving at Grannie Liddie’s, we found her house and most around it, in smoldering ruins. Numerous creatures were arrayed in the remains and around it in combat. The one that caught my attention was the 18 foot tall Grizelda from my dreams. She was ensnared by shadowy tendrils, and being held by a large creature of rock. Other beings were attacking her too, and battles raged nearby between the flying fiends and some sort of mounted holy warriors. The battle seemed to be almost evenly waged by both sides. But it was Grizelda, tall as in my dreams, and held by the tendrils that shook me to the core. I could not see Esmerelda, but she had to be nearby. That the hag was now so tall, well, I don’t think what I saw was a dream so much as a vision.

We knew we needed to get Grizelda out of the way if the casters (I was not counted among them, as the strength of my new abilities is not yet understood) were to enact the ritual that Slyph recalled. To get the hag, we needed to clear the way, so this we proceeded to do. We had to go through 3 creatures on our own, and then a few more that were engaged with the warriors, before we could turn our attentions to the gigantic hag.

By a joined effort of all of us, we managed to get lucky with a hold spell, and several attacks. It was not easy, but our combined forces finally brought the hag down. Slyph, Arnexus, Rohveka, and one of those that were fighting the hag when we got here performed the ritual to severe the link between our realm and the other plane. It seemed to work, but Slyph and Arnexus fell to the ground during it. While they worked, I searched what was left of Grannie’s home for some sign of her. I found her, badly broken but still alive in the wreckage. Thankfully Connor was able to stabilize her, when I could not, and she opened her eyes long enough to thank us before falling back unconscious. We decided to head to safer ground, the Temple being the choice preferred. At least there, there would be healers to help the wounded. The halflings were looking at me for direction, so I told them to go to the Temple, which they did. I did search briefly for any sign of Esmerelda in the ruins of Grannie’s house, but all I found was her shawl. I will hope that she escaped to somewhere safe on her own.

We were not the only ones to have that thought, and arrived at the Temple to find it teeming with wounded, and the priests/priestesses running to and fro dispensing aid. Both Slyph and Rohveka, who looked like Slyph still, were pressed into healing. Connor was too after mentioning he could heal a bit. The others were put to work carrying supplies and the like.

I got to stay with Grannie, and watched over her as she was tended to. The priestesses said they did not have anyone of sufficient skill to heal her arm, and thus could not be certain how damaged it would remain. I told them to do what they could. I hope that Grannie is not rendered helpless as a result of her injuries. She has too many enemies to be left unable to protect herself. As she lay there, recuperating, I managed to grab a bit of rest, and prepare myself for what lies ahead. Something opened that rift between the planes, and it wasn’t Grizelda. Eventually, I fear we are going to meet that powerful entity face to face. Given that we are not strong enough on our own to take out even Grizelda, well, I just hope that we have time to grow stronger, or make some pretty powerful friends…



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