The Un-Made Crown

Journal of Arnexus 23

The mysterious person, Auger, is a representative of Hidemoor, City of Wizards. Interesting again.

Rennik pledged his allegiance to our new King Connor. His eyes changed when he was knighted. His eyes became blue, with a draconic pupil. I daresay I shall recommend to Rohveka that she should recreate the Circle of Witches. As well I think Genna would make a fine spymaster.

Auger wished to find those that have the gift of magic and train them in Hidemoor. Quite interesting. He told a tale of an ancient empire, which used glyphstones to cast magic. He told of weavers who used the stones. He also spoke of Chessine, who were children compared to these weavers. Somewhere in the land there is a glyphstone that exists and the human mages in existance have tapped into this instead of the true source of magic. Draining the glyphstone would end this, according to Auger. He mentioned Valshenda, who was a night hag of tremendous power. Apparently her offspring as her middle management for lack of a better term. Hags, like so many other races, aren’t of this world. Valshenda is a powerful arcanist/witch. I don’t think anyone was listening too intently but this Auger did mention my people’s immigrant status.

Prince Ian, from Draythen demanded audience.
Slyph/Kephri recieved a scroll from the Reverend Mother, to prepare her for what was coming.

Genna informed us that Grannie Liddie had passed away, and that Esmereldra Black was taking her part and puppeting the Queen.

We all started touching the crown, trying to put it together over Connor’s head. I started it. Kephri/Slyph and Genna were hurt by the crown. Rennik and I weren’t harmed. Then came Rohveka…. the entire kingdom was sucked into the Abyss. To say doom has come to greet us is an understatement…



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