Notable NPCs

Notable NPCs
William Croftsley

Bio: 57 years old Lord William Croftsley, Master-of-Keys for The Queen, has served the Kingdom and the crown family for most of his life. He served the king as Page, Standard-Bearer and Squire often being the man chosen to handle tasks the King needed done when no other way could be found. His connections first with the Fisherfolk of the Musaard then with other groups proved invaluable to the king and after his death the Queen. His unswerving loyalty has earned him the place as Master-of-Keys and her most trusted advisor. Though no longer as spry as he once was William is still a fair hand with the longsword and crossbow.

Reverend Mother Deviad

Bio: At 37 years old Shesine Deviad is the youngest Priestess to ever be named as Reverend Mother of the Bastion of Whispers. Originally dedicated to the Maiden and a member of the Vestial Knights, Lady Deviad served for only a few years as Leader of the Company of the Silver Hand before a disastrous mission into the Vildermorn forest wiped out her entire company including two sister knights and her Unicorn companion. She was found near death on the banks of the Harp river and was nursed back to physical health but the events in the forest left her scarred and touched by the spirits allowing her to perceive the dead and understand their whispers. Her service and her new-found abilities made her a perfect choice. She has since rededicated herself to the Mother and focused on her work at the Bastion.

‘Granny Liddie’ Lydia Moss

Bio: The unofficial Matriarch of the Halflings of Helian, Lydia Moss or ‘Granny Liddie’ as most call her is an elderly Halfling of indeterminate years with white hair and green eyes. She is both the Historian of the Halfling’s time in Axia and Keeper of the lore of the time before their arrival. She claims to have helped bring most of the halflings in Helian into this world as a midwife and seen more than she cares to admit to their rewards as Mournwife.

Esmerelda Black

Bio: A halfling witch of considerable skill, Esmerelda ran afoul of both the Royal Coven and Granny Liddie herself. Using tricks that few know they remade Esmerelda without a right arm, eliminating her Eldritch Gauntlet that served as her familiar. She has recently returned and may well be free of the censure placed on her years ago.

Notable NPCs

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