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Kingdom Building

I hate to be so basic, using broad strokes to paint the political side of this world, but with everything going on in roleplaying and with my introduction of the Battle cards to represent large scale combat, I thought I’d not introduce all the new rules of Rulership that Birthright had to offer in order to keep everyone’s heads from exploding. Yet you guys are blooded and legends have it that blooded rulers like to rule over large swaths of land with a butt load of bowing servitors catering to your every need. So here is a very shortened (and in some places made-up) rule set on how to grow and maintain a Kingdom. As with all my stuff, I am open to constructive criticism and welcome change so if you guys have some cool ideas you’d like to throw in, just let me know.

OK, I’m using a modified scale of Settlements from the Pathfinder book Gamemastery Guide which can also be found here on the PF SRD

Thorps, Hamlets and Villages don’t register on the Kingdom radar. They are there, but their influence is weak. Small Towns are the base level of Settlements in the land. They pop up at the crossing of nurturing environment and trade and usually stay at a constant population level. That is, unless a charismatic person (or whatever) comes along and starts building a Kingdom. This system focuses on the main Settlement now called ‘The Base’ (I look forward to naming things better as time goes on.) The Base increases in population every time you annex another Small Town. This is usually done in role playing adventure or you can wage war against the Small Town and take it over. As your Base town increases in population it will evolve into a bigger Settlement that has greater numbers of Guilds and Temples, these generate cash.

Cash, in a Kingdom scale, will be used in bulk…2,000 Gold pieces is called a Gold Bar or GB and it is the basic unit of financial power. Mind you, this is a representative of your total buying power, not actual gold in your treasury that you can roll around in. This represents favors, goods, skills and sometimes actual money that you can gain from others and spend to get things done.

Below is a chart with the sizes of Settlements and various costs and gains from them every Domain Turn…or 3 months.

Thorp 50 0 0 0 0
Hamlet 100 0 0 0 0
Village 500 0 0 0 0
Small Town 2,000 2 GB 1 1 1
Large Town 4,000 4 GB 2 2 1
Small City 8,000 8 GB 4 4 2
Large City 16,000 16 GB 8 8 4
Metropolis 24,000 24 GB 12 12 6

To explain,
SETTLEMENT is the name of the type of settlement as per Pathfinder
POPULATION is a VERY general average of the amount of people in your settlements
INFRASTRUCTURE COST is the cost of Gold Bars that must be paid per month to keep it a functioning part of your kingdom. Mostly this is paid automatically by taxes. More on that later.
GUILDS , TEMPLES and LAW This is how many Guilds , Temples and Law maximum a settlement of this size can hold. Guilds and Temples generate this number of GB for you per month. Law holdings generate cash in a different way.

GROWING your Base.
Every time you acquire another Small town your population in your Base grows by 2,000 people. I like to think this represents all the country folk being drawn to the “Big City” as you give them an easier access to all the things a person needs to thrive. If your Base grows into another settlement Type (like Small Town gaining 4000 people total growing it into a Large Town) then you go by its new information. The newly acquired Town looses no population nor does it increase, unless you want it to.

In order to acquire a Small Town into your Kingdom a Road must be built from it to either the Base or another road that leads into your Base. This is pending upon if the Small Town even wants to be part of your Kingdom. Sometimes you can role play the encounter, use a Domain action to sent diplomats over there to convince the Small Town to join or you can wage war against them. Either way is fine.

If your base is next to an Ocean, get an extra 2,000 people.
If your Base is on a River, get an extra 1,000 people.
Your Base settlement gets an extra 1,000 people just because it is a Base.

Every settlement in your Kingdom must pay an Infrastructure cost every month to keep up its maintenance. This is usually paid by taxes. There are 3 levels of taxes you can decree for your Kingdom.
SLIGHT- Taxes pays for half the Infrastructure cost of all your Settlements, YOU pay the other half out of the Treasury. Because the people really like when you do this all Decree Domain Actions have a + 2 modifier.
MODERATE- Normal level of taxes. the Infrastructure cost is paid in full.
SEVERE- The infrastructure cost is paid in full AND you get 1/4th the sum of the Infrastructure in GB directly put into your pocket. For example you Kingdoms total Infrastructure cost is 8 GB and that is paid every month, but you get 2 GB above and beyond that to do as you wish. As you can guess, the peasantry hate this and all Decree Domain Actions have a -4 to them.

You can use the Domain Action Conscript to create as many Levy type Battle Cards as you have 1,000 people in your Base settlement. They muster for free, don’t count against your army amount maximum and have no maintenance cost, but it plays hell with your infrastructure.
For every 1,000 people in your Base you can use the Domain Action Muster to build a Battle Card unit of your choosing. This you must pay for and also maintain. Remember, Muster costs for a Unit are twice the maintenance cost and need be paid for only once.

As stated, you have to have a road between an acquired Small Town and your Base. It takes a Decree Domain Action to start construction on the road. Construction costs 1 GB per hex (25 miles) and 1 month to complete 1 hex worth of distance. maintenance is 1 GB per 3 Hexes every month. when its done, you gain all the benefits of an acquired settlement plus trade cash.
An acquired settlement gains you as many GB per month as it has 1,000 people. For example Bulga, a Small Town of 2,000 people that has a road to your Base will gain you 2 GB every month. It is 3 hexes away so it will cost you 1 GB a month.

Again I stress the points of easy and just a backdrop to roleplaying . That’s it so far. I’ll make up more stuff later like how only blooded people can rule and how magic works. Again if you guys have any ideas on how to make this cooler, let me know—-Hammerfe77

Things that should not be

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