Axia Atlas

Unmade Crown Setting

Five Dwarven Holds (Naldurak, Ovandaal, Berendor, Vorzur, Ridlegalt)

Halfling lands in the north

Musaard River, The Westerflow, Ironvein, Harp River

Cities: Helian, Port Azure, Brighthall, Sekkamete (City of Chains Shackle bay), Srathmoore.

The Crown Proviences (Margrave ruled)

The Elven Courts (Dawn Court, Dusk Court, Midnight Court. Saelewode, Greatwode, Neblwode)
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Gnome enclaves (Crown proviences)

Warrior-Nuns (The Sisterhood of Sanctified Steel “The Sanctified”)

Bastion of Whispers Eosati

Cratorial Range (Yagar Hills, Red Mountains, Erlhorne Mountains)

Vildermourn Forest (The Father Forest, the Shroud of Thorns, Seethe of Klaat)

The Mythrean Order

The Book of Dawn

The Erldraak (Dragon-blooded Ogre Samurai Psi-blades)

The Old and New Gods

The Dawnwright Temple (Aerrenite Monks)


Isles of the Teeth

Order of the Argent Beacon (Beacon Knights)

Mages (Illusion/Divination)
Heralds (Divination/Abjuration)

Enihk ‘Wight Eye’ Whitehall (North east close to the Vildermourn)
Amon-Toth ‘The Black Agate’ The Night Tower (South East close to the Saelewode)
Jhelyna Draegauth ‘Keeper of Secrets’ Blackbriar Manor 126 Noffkirk Street, Sekkamete, City of Chains

Northern Principality of Drathe (6 Duchies)
Southern Principality of Brython Erlhorne Mountains (4 Duchies) The Eastling

East Axia Trading Company, Devenge Shipping and Trade, Valsartin Wagoneers, Harp River Shipping

Axia Atlas

The Un-Made Crown Hammerfe77