Elves in detail

There are three nations or ‘courts’ of elves in Axia. The Dawn Court in the Greatwode, the Dusk Court in the Saelewode and the Midnight Court in the Neblwode. Of the Courts the Dawn Court tries to help humanity are most often found trying to make humanity’s plight in this world a less strife-filled one. Emissaries of the Dawn Court can be found in the major cities of the former kingdom. The Midnight Court on the other hand finds humans to be so very fun to torment and twist around just to watch them squirm. They can also be found in the major cities of the former kingdom. The problem is the elves of the three courts are physically identical in general appearance. Another problem is both groups of elves claim to be from the Dawn Court and each claims their forest is the Greatwode. This has made trusting the elves problematic. In all intents and purposes the Dawn and Midnight Courts are at war though not with men and armies but instead they are involved in ‘The Great Game’ or the Morbhair in the Elven tongue. No human knows the rules or nature of this game which makes accepting help from the elves dangerous at best.

The third court the Dusk Court and the elves of the Saelewode have very little to do with their cousins or humanity as a whole. They are hunters and to them that is the be all and end all of existence. You have a pack of Manticore terrorizing your land? Send word to the Dusk Court and a hunting party will come and end the threat… if it is challenging enough for them.

Elves of all the courts do have one thing in common. None of them will travel on the night of a new moon. They will hold up in whatever building they can find until the sun rises. The reasons for this are unknown.

Game Mechanics :As Written plus

  • + 2 to Diplomacy or Bluff checks (players choice at creation)
  • + 2 to survival checks (Dusk Court Elves Only)
    *Must choose a court. Choice is to be told to the DM (me)
    - Teachings of the Saelewode, Chapter 14

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Elves in detail

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