Of all the arcane casters wizards are the most feared.

In ancient days before the rise of the kingdom, wizards were terrors that destroyed settlements of man and warped the very land with their power. The rise of the kingdom marked the fall of wizardry as the practitioners and their libraries were hunted and destroyed by the knights and armies of the kingdom. Today only three beings are known as wizards and they live in the wild corners of the lands. Recently however the Queen decreed a school of wizardry be created. This is the ONLY acceptable origin of wizards in the game. Any other will result in the character being hunted down.

The Freestaves of Helian: The nascent order serves the queen. Master Harfeld Reese (6th level wizard) is the master of the order

Wizard Class changes: Wizards do not automatically gain spells as written for the first level they gain a bonus spell for each point of Charisma bonus they have. (Representing the friends they have who have access to private libraries in the city) For every level there after they gain only a single spell. Any other spell the wizard has to research as per the rules.


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